Easy Ways to Save Money While Raising Kids

The cost of raising kids is estimated to be a whopping total of around $227,000 for each kid from birth to age 18 years. This estimate was provided by CNN where they also cited that the cost of raising kids increased by 40% in the last 10 years alone. This is a scary figure, that’s… Read More »

Rules to Teach Your Kids for Staying Home Alone

There comes a time in your child’s life where you face the great debate of whether or not they are ready to stay home alone. Whether that be when you go off to work or maybe just out for a date night. When exactly is the right time to trust your kids to stay home… Read More »

Mini Fall Cookies Recipe

I love to bake so when Fall arrives I am ready to start baking my apple crisps, and my banana breads! But the kids often ask for cookies! I haven’t yet tried to make any cookies with apples or what I’ve been seeing around lately – pumpkin! But, these mini little pumpkin and pumpkin pie… Read More »

LEGO® Imagine Nation Tour Giveaway — Toronto

While Lego may not be fun to step on, it sure is fun to play with! My kids LOVE their legos and I love their legos for imagination play and creativity. I find my kids can let loose and let their creativity shine through with lego. They can build, and create to their little hearts… Read More »