Breville The Smart Grill Giveaway

Back on July 7th my husband and new contributor Peter wrote up this wonderful review about the amazing Breville- The Smart Grill. The response was wonderful, and I'll be honest - this grill is probably the best way to cook up some meat and veggies. We got rid of our old BBQ that broke instead of getting a new one and we will only be using The Smart Grill from now on! It's that good. Just to refresh your memory a little bit, here is some information: THE SMART GRILL: Top quality non-stick ... read more


Why We Are Loving Huggies® Little Movers Plus

If you caught this post you will know that Huggies® newest and most premium diaper on the market is now exclusively sold at Costco Canada. That's right! Huggies® recently launched Little Snugglers Plus and Little Movers Plus! We've been using Huggies® Little Movers Plus exclusively since June and are thrilled to share not only do we think Justin loves the diapers but we do too! We love being able to adjust the Double Grip Strips to ensure a good snug fit each and every time we change a ... read more


Homemade Brown Sugar

If you are anything like me and you love to bake you often find yourself heading to the kitchen excited to whip up a special recipe only to find out you are out of a key ingredient. For me, that ingredient is usually brown sugar. For some reason I tend to use a lot of it, and although I used to buy a few bags at a time I haven't in a while and that's because I found out how to make my own! That's right. It's super easy to make your own brown sugar so I have been doing it for a little while ... read more


Try The World Box July 2015 – Japan

Another box for us to share with you is the Try The World Japan box for July 2015. When the box arrived I was thrilled to open it because I love basically anything that my wife doesn't. Wasabi, Seaweed, you name it - I will try it so I was especially thrilled for the Japan box. To take a look at what we got in our May box click here. What is Try the World?: Every 2 months, receive a box from a new country with 6-7 gourmet products curated by expert chefs. Each Box Includes: 6-7 ... read more


DIY Lemon Body Scrub

I have a huge love for lemons. I love how sweet yet so sour they are, and I love the smell of all things lemons. I used to be known to make lemon pie filling and just sit and eat it as a pudding. I love it, and being able to make a body scrub using lemon totally made my day. If you read this post I posted a few months ago you will know SO many great alternative uses that come with lemons. You can clean, santaize, use for nails, in place of bleach etc! It's really awesome. Right now ... read more


Ten Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Getting Pregnant

When you get pregnant people tell you all kinds of things. But, when I was 17 and pregnant for the very first time it was difficult because I had really no support, and no one to talk to about pregnancy in general. I really had to go through it alone, besides him but it just wasn't the same. Thinking back all 6 of my pregnancies were very different. My boys and My girls were the complete opposite. I was super sick with both my girls - so bad I could barely function some days but my boys? I ... read more


You Are One In A Minion – Celebrate YOU With A Homemade Minions Pretzel Bark Recipe

Minions are huge in our house right now. We haven't even seen the new Minions movie yet but Justin our little almost 2 year old is obsessed with Minions! So much so he has started requesting watching it daily! I kid you not. Of course it's the cutest thing ever to see this little tiny peanut ask repeatedly for "Minions! Minions!" We don't want the kids solely watching tv or movies all summer long so we've been printing out coloring pages, reading books with Minions and even started finding as ... read more


10 Ways to Handle Rough Boys

You have probably heard that saying that “boys will be boys.” Well, that statement is mostly true, but how do the parents of those boys handle them?! Some boys love to be “rough” which means they love play and anything that gets their heartbeat up. I find my 3 out of 4 boys get into moods some days where they just want to fight each other, and even the slightest glance at each other will have them in each others face. So, I've had to really find ways to minimize the bickering, hitting and ... read more


Multibandz: Learning Math Has Never Been More Fun!

Math can sometimes be hard for kids, and while doing homeschooling the last year I noticed it's not just hard for kids but me too - I couldn't remember anything to save my life! I wish I would have had these Multibandz for the last year but we just received these, and I'm so glad we did. Now my kids can have some extra help with their math even when they go back to school in September. What are Multibandz?: Give your kids one band at a time, starting with the x1 table. As they learn each ... read more


Soothie Suckers: Herbal Ice Pops for Kids & Adults 2-92!

I have been waiting to do this review for what seems like a very long time so I will not waste any time here! When my kids are sick which is rarely, but it does happen - They are really sick. They don't want to eat, they have trouble keeping anything down even liquid so it tends to scare them off wanting to eat or drink anything. Who can blame them right? Well, I used to try a bunch of different things. Homemade pops, store bought "lytes" and things that promised would hydrate my kids during ... read more


End the Morning Grumpies with Rice Krispies + GIVEAWAY! #MomsJustKnow

Mornings can be super hectic! Kids are waking up at different times, we have kids waiting to get into the bathroom, other kids wanting to be fed, kids screaming and hollering at each other, another kid wanting to watch cartoons and then there's me stuck in the middle! Now, most mornings I would love to wake up create a full breakfast with all the fixin's like scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, toast french toast, and oatmeal! But most mornings that isn't a possibility for me. My kids are ... read more


American Candy Exchange

As some of you may or may not know I have been contributing over at Robin's blog Mass Hole Mommy. I absolutely love it because she has been one of my favorite bloggers for a while now so contributing to her site is a huge deal to me! Well, we've become friends and not long ago I had an idea! A few years ago a friend in the USA and I exchanged boxes of goodies that we could only get in our Country. It was so much fun and gave me chance to explore what the good ol' US of A had to offer that ... read more


Infrared Family Ear Thermometer

Having a good reliable ear thermometer is a great idea. I've always preferred an ear thermometer with my kids because they tend to not be too scared of it when smaller, and I find they give a much more accurate reading than any other methods. We received this Gurin Infrared Family Ear Thermometer and I was really impressed with it. A week after we got it Jackson had a really bad fever that I needed to watch very closley. Due to this kidney issues that he has, when he gets any sort of raised ... read more

All purpose Cleaner 6-2

DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner

I am one who loves to clean, and make sure things are looking great but I HATE using chemicals. I love using the eco friendly and all natural store bought cleaners but sometimes I just don't want to spend the money. We have a bird (parrot) that is very sensitive to lots of things, including smells/sprays/cleaners. So we have to be very careful with what we use in our house. Sometimes I'm out of options, and if I need to clean something like windows, table surfaces, or floors I need to come up ... read more

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Homemade Brown Sugar

If you are anything like me and you love to bake you often find yourself heading to the kitchen excited to whip up a special recipe only to find out you are out of a key ingredient. For me, that ingredient is usually brown sugar. For some reason I tend to use a lot of it, and ... read more