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Currently Watching: Need a tv show or two to watch? Check out my picks that I am watching currently, some may surprise you! - sixtimemommy.comWhat are you watching? We got rid of cable just over a year ago now, which has saved us about $200 per month as I had the packages with everything. All the US channels, all the movie channels you name it, we had it.

Instead now, I pay $8.99 per month and we have Netflix on two TV’s. Pretty good argument to me if you are looking to save some money. $200 vs $8.99 it’s a no brainer.

Well, if you are like me you’ll love it. I don’t get to watch much TV during the day as I have Kyla homeschooling and the two little boys all day. So while they aren’t napping and I’m helping Kyla we have Barney, Bee Movie or The Croods playing in the background even though usually no one is paying attention to it. But at night and weekends? TV is all mine!

So here is what I’m currently watching and think if you haven’t already seen them, you must get on it!

prettylittleliarsPretty Little Liars: OMG. I am so late to this party but do yourself a favour if you haven’t already started watching this do it NOW. I thought I was too old and thought it was crazy people my age were loving this show but, I am hooked. I am on the edge of my seat during every episode and just when I think I know the answers another bombshell hits me! It’s insane. But oh so freakin’ fabulous. Last night I just finished the last episode of season 4, which is the last season on Netflix so, dying for season 5!

goodwifeThe Good Wife: We started watching this a few years ago when it first aired on tv. Then I am pretty sure another show started, and I lost interest with this one. Then got rid of cable. So we restarted from the beginning and I can’t get enough. Such a great show, and it’s fun for the Hubs and I to watch together.

2424: Never watched this before, and I’m kicking myself. It is so good, and suspenseful! So glad this is on Netflix Canada, such a kick butt show. That Keifer Sutherland too – he needs to be in more TV! A friend told me this is coming back, so I hope that’s true I haven’t had a chance to research but if so – YES! Have you ever seen 24?

ggGilmore Girls: Don’t laugh but I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. I watched every season back when it aired, every episode and loved it so much I introduced it to my girls and am now re-watching with them. The city we live in and the ick school system we have they can use a little bit of Rory in their lives. So far they are loving it just as much as I am!

So, what are you currently watching? Have you seen any of the above mentioned shows? if so thoughts?

21 Must See Places in Ontario!

21 MUST see places in Ontario: are you looking to visit Ontario? Here is a list of 21 attractions, sights,  museums and more you don't  want to miss! -

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I am very proud of that and throughout my life have been able to explore around the Province and experience what it has to offer. I have had people online ask me what the heck there to do in Ontario and I’m always sitting there scratching my head because, in the moment I never know what to say – there is so many wonderful things to do, see and lots of beautiful landscapes all throughout Ontario to take in.

The truth is there is so much, I never know where to begin! So not only did I make a list to remind myself, but to share with you in case you ever want to take a trip to Ontario, here are 21 MUST SEE places you would absolutely have to check out!

mustseeCasa Loma » Casa Loma is Canada’s Majestic Castle. With amazing history for the City of Toronto, Casa Loma – the former estate of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt is open for tours and events at the gorgeous Castle.

Canada’s Wonderland » Canada’s Premier Amusement Park! Full of family rides, thrill rides, kids rides and splash works water park and more! Canada’s Wonderland is a favorite for all in Ontario living and visiting to have great fun!

Big Apple » Looking for a delicious fresh baked apple pie? The Big Apple is the place for you! Recently renovated, with new attractions and free activities! Visit the Biggest Apple in the world!

Toronto Zoo » The most amazing zoo I have ever been to! The Toronto zoo has something for everyone! From Penguins, to Lions, to Monkeys to Giraffes. The Toronto zoo is chalk full of amazing animals to see and even a splash park to cool off in the hot summer months!

African Lion Safari » Canada’s original safari adventure! Get up close and personal with Lions, Giraffes, Cheetahs, over 1,000 exotic birds and more! I went here when I was a kid and remember it like it was yesterday! Amazing!

CN Tower » In 1995, the CN Tower was classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Standing 1,815 ft, 5 inches the CN tower was the World’s Tallest Tower, Building and Freestanding Structure from 1976-2010. Take a ride up to the observation decks and enjoy the breath taking view over looking the gorgeous city of Toronto.

Niagara Falls » The beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario not only has the most breath taking views of both the Canadian falls and American falls but also has lots of sights to see, and fun activities for all to enjoy over on Clifton Hill. Our family has taken two summer vacations there and can’t wait to go back!

Royal Ontario Museum » Also known as the ROM is among the world’s leading museums of natural history and world cultures. With Exhibitions and Galleries there is something for everyone to learn and explore.

Tour Fort Henry » During World War I, Fort Henry was superficially repaired and used as an internment camp for political prisoners. Following the war, the Fort fell into complete disrepair. Take a tour of the Fort and learn about all it’s history.

CNE » Canadian National Exibition – The place to be in the Summer, located in Toronto the Canadian National Exibition is full of things for everyone to do. Rides, Air Show, Exhibits, Walks, Shows and Food. The CNE is something more than 1.43 million people went to see in 2014. The 2014 CNE was the most highly attended fair in a decade!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada » With 16,000 aquatic animals and more than 5.7 million liters of water Ripley’s Aquarium is an absolute must see in Toronto. Getting up close to sharks, sting rays, star fish, jelly fish and more is the most amazing experience. You can also Get up close and personal with three touch exhibits featuring horseshoe crabs, sharks, and rays.

Upper Canada Village » Transporting you back into the 1850’s touring Upper Canada Village is an amazing experience. A Big part of the experience is touring authentic buildings that make the village. Learning about the 1850’s is fun with Upper Canada Village and the authentic bakery, sawmill, steam flour mills, woollen factory, cabinet maker, broommaker, christ church and so much more!

The Bata Shoe Museum » The Bata Shoe Museum is an amazing museum full of shoes. Full of more than 4,500 years of history and a collection of 20th century celebrity shoes. Over a thousand shoes and artifacts are on exhibit.

Ontario Science Centre » The OSC is an iconic and cultural attraction. Learn about everything from the Human Body, Space and explore the very popular KidSpark hall designed for kids 8 and under to discover and learn. The OSC is a great place for families to learn, be hands on and explore.

Art Gallery of Ontario » AGO is an amazing gallery full of collections and exhibitions. Lots of classes for Adults and Offering courses and workshops, Family Sundays, March Break Art camp and so much more for kids and families.

Rideau Canal » Opened in 1832 the Rideau Canal is the largest continuously operated canal system in North America. I don’t know many people in Ontario who haven’t taken a skate on the Rideau Canal at least once in their life. If they haven’t yet, they will. It’s a sight to see, and in the summer it’s beautiful to look at. If you are in the area in the winter pop over for a free skate!

Hockey Hall of Fame » Hockey’s Greatest Museum! In 1961 the HHOF opened it’s doors. If you are a fan of hockey, and even if you aren’t this is an amazing place to visit to learn about hockey and see amazing tributes and artifacts from Canada’s game!

The Niagara Butterfly Conservatory » Home to over 2,000 free flying tropical butterflies the Niagara Parks butterfly conservatory is the place to be in a Rainforest setting and experience the beauty that is these magical, pretty butterflies!

Black Creek Pioneer Village » Black Creek Pioneer Village is where you can go to be immersed into lifestyles, surroundings and customs of early residents in 1800s who build the foundations for modern Toronto and Ontario.

Canadian War Museum » The Canadian War Museum is a must see attraction. It presents Canada’s Military and how it shaped our great Country! It is dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s military.

Bird Kingdom » Exotic Birds and Animals. In the main Aviary experience 400 birds flying free in 50,000 sq. feet of tropical rainforest featuring a 40 ft. waterfall, wander to the small bird aviary where over 40 species of smaller birds make their home. Get up close and personal with exotic birds, animals and reptiles from all over the world.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park » This is one of my personal favorites. My mom and I went to every summer twice. This was her place. She loved it. You can experience wild species, many threatened with extinction, in an up-close and personal environment. It’s truly amazing.

There you have it, 21 must see places in Ontario! 21 out of the many reasons I love calling Ontario, Canada my home!

Have you ever been to Ontario? If so what did you do? If not, where would you like to go? Any place on this list?

NuvoCig Review

NuvoCig Review: The Healthier Alternative to Smoking: Looking to quit smoking or know someone struggling to quit? Nuvocig is the perfect alternative to help you quit! -

-This review is going to be slightly different than what you are used to seeing here on Six Time Mommy. This product is being reviewed by Six Time Daddy, Peter -

When my mom passed away in 2001 at age 48 due to lung cancer caused by smoking I swore I wouldn’t ever smoke nor be with anyone who smoked. Well, you can’t always help who you fall in love with and end up spending your life with and as it turns out my husband smokes.

Although gross and not something I could imagine doing myself he did and I dealt with it. No smoking ever inside, he always had to be outside and keep it away from the kids.

He recently decided on quitting. He’s tried the gum, patches and even “cold turkey” all of which failed and made us both miserable so it was time to try something different.

Time to step it up and try out some e-cigs. He’s tried 3 others, and now is using Nuvocig.

nuvocigs2About Nuvocig:
NuvoCig is an electronic cigarette. It is a device that was created to simulate the sensation of smoking while drastically cutting back on the harmful side effects caused from smoking, by completely eliminating burning tobacco. Plain and simple, NuvoCig is a healthier alternative to smoking. You can use it in conjunction with traditional cigarettes in areas that are under smoking bans, or where you don’t want to expose others to second hand smoke. Or if you choose, it can be used as a complete replacement for your cigarettes. – –

Benefits of Nuvocig:
A cigarette is essentially a Nicotine Delivery System. It uses tobacco smoke to administer nicotine to the body. A NuvoCig is also a Nicotine Delivery System, however it uses water vapor as the delivery agent. Nuvo does not contain the tar, ash and carcinogens associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nor does it create 4,000+ chemical compounds, during the combustion of tobacco as cigarettes. They simply provide the user with a simulated smoking experience using water vapor and a user specified nicotine dosage. – –

Kits range from $24.99-$149.99

What Peter Got:
NuvoCig Electronic Cigarette Deluxe Kit ~ retails for $59.99:
1 pack of electronic cigarette cartomizers (5 electronic cigarette cartomizers per pack)
2 standard electronic cigarette batteries
Cell phone style e cigarette charger.
The 5 Cartomizer Flavors he chose were:
~ Each Cartomizer equals 2 packs of cigarettes.


Peter’s Thoughts:
Recently I was given the opportunity to test the Nuvocig Deluxe e-cig. Very sleek and trendy box and accessories. The cartomizers come in stainless steel and sealed. The only downfall with this is there are no markings to discern from the flavours. My kit was equipped with two 3.7v batteries and long life batter as well. The super sleek designed batteries light up and automatically shut down after 5 seconds of draw time. The bigger battery unit operates on a five push system. Five pushes to turn it on or off. Thus saving the battery and flavor cartridge.

I found that all of the flavours were very true to taste and had a great balance. I had mango, blueberry, whiskey, cherry and vanilla. There is very little after taste and I found that there is no irritating punch after inhaling. Very refreshing and simple. I have had the Nuvocig for about 2 weeks now and I’ve cut back 90% smoking real cigarettes. This is huge when I was smoking 10-12 cigarettes a day. I will and already have suggested to other smokers to try the Nuvocig deluxe kit and embark on the journey to a smoke free lifestyle. Well done Nuvocig. Thank you!

For more info visit Nuvocig | Like Nuvocig on Facebook | Follow Nuvocig on Twitter

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

How to Simplify Your Commute With Kids

Tips for How to Simplify Your Commute With Kids: Do you take public transit? Drive yourself? Well, here are some tips to help you get through those commutes with kids! -

We don’t have a vehicle. Neither one of us even has a driver’s license so we’ve always gotten around via public transit.

Sure, it’s not ones first choice to get around but living in Toronto having buses, street cars and subways just about everywhere it’s not as bad as you’d think.

When we have to go places as a family I generally try to make sure I have everything on hand to make it as smooth as possible. Here are some of my tips I use to simplify my commute with my kiddos! They can even be applied for those who do have cars too!

Don’t lug big unnecessary things on the go! I have two small kiddos and a sit n stand stroller. No one wants a sit n stand on a bus or busy street car. So if you can take a small, fold up stroller or better yet babywear if you can!

Pack non messy snacks! Cheese cut into cubes, crackers and even slices of cucumber, carrots or celery are great to bring on the go and don’t create much mess!

Save the drinks for after the commute! If there’s one thing I’ve truly learned in the 4 years we’ve lived here and relied on public transit is to wait on drinks. They are messy and cause unnecessary bathroom breaks.

Bathroom breaks – go before! Always, always make sure everyone uses the bathroom before heading on out! My kids used to always have to go the minute we got on whichever mode we were taking so now, before we even leave the house it’s mandatory bathroom for all! Public bathrooms are so gross anymore, especially at any station so I avoid at all costs.

Pack 1 bag and don’t bring carry on’s! This may be hard but I find letting one kid bring a tonka truck and the other a Barbie isn’t a great option. They can get forgotten, lost and even clog up a decent spot in your bag when they get tired of carrying it. So, no unnecessary carry on’s!

Pack accordingly! If it’s a simple quick Commute I don’t bother with much but if it’s long like ours usually tend to be I make sure to have a few items in the bag that can keep the kids entertained (books, tablet, ipod) one bag with everything in it is how I make sure things don’t get left behind, the bag isn’t to heavy and we have everything we need.

Know exactly where you are going!  tend to get lost often. So I have started writing out my directions and which buses, subways etc I have to go on before I leave if going sans husband. If I am not sure where I’m going it creates unnecessary panic for me so I usually have everything written down.

Ignore any nay sayers. This is a must for me every time we go out as a family. Someone has something to say usually about how many kids we have. Ignore it or better yet prepare a witty comeback before even leaving the house:)

Be alert! If there’s one thing that still bugs me is how busy my city is and can get on all transit. Keeping my kids right by my side and eyes on them at all times isn’t an option. It’s a must. My kids aren’t the ones running around or hollering. They are sitting or standing nicely waiting to get where we need go go. Accidents happen and strangers happen. Better to be much safer, rather than sorry.

Simple and Smooth. Two things I really aim for when out and about especially if we are taking transit. It can be a lot with kids, and stressful. Sometimes people ask how we even do it. Well, if I go out alone I take only a few kids, very rarely do I

What are some ways you do for yourself, or family to make commutes simple and smooth?

“Like New” Clothing From Perfect Threads Review

"Like New" Clothing from Perfect Threads REVIEW: Do you like to shop thrifty? Like getting amazing deals on like new NAME BRAND clothing? Perfect Threads has something for everyone! -

I was recently given $25 gift code to Perfect Threads to facilitate this review and was able to purchase anything from the website to review. I was pretty excited because I love thrift shopping. Sounds weird, but I’ve found some pretty amazing things for very good prices so I am always up for the challenge of buying from like new stores.

What is Perfect Threads?
Prefect Threads collects clothing from religious institutions, schools, charitable institutions and organized clubs and sports teams. Any organization in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) can use the Perfect Threads fund-raising model to organize a clothing drive to raise money for a good cause. Perfect Threads will organize the clothing drive and pay for the clothing that is collected. –

Quality Rating:
Perfect Threads carefully evaluates each item received and determine its quality and ability to resell it. They are strict about quality and have very stringent quality control. They work on a Star Rating System.

A Five-Star rating is for items of clothing that are New-With-Tags (NWT) or New-Without-Tags (NWOT).

A Four-Star rating is for items of clothing that are like new or EUC – Excellent Used Condition, but is neither NWT or NWOT.

A Three-Star rating is for items of clothing that have no rips or stains, but have been previously-loved. Customers ask: “What makes a 4-star a 3-star?” – Sometimes it is a zipper that sticks or doesn’t work, or a missing button. Or it is wear around the zipper or pockets or just too much wear or pilling.

Any minor stains will also move a 4-star to a 3-star. Any rips will move a 4-star to a 2-star.

A Two-Star piece of piece of clothing has been previously-loved but has stains or imperfections or excessive wear. Two-Star pieces are not put up for sale on the Perfect Threads’ web site but are provided to families-in-need or organizations-in-need via the Perfect Threads distribution system. It is the intention of Perfect Threads to ensure that we maximize the re-use of every piece of clothing. When there are families or organizations in-need and we will simply not relegate to landfill, a perfectly good piece of clothing due to these issues.

A One-Star piece of clothing, unfortunately has rips, large stains, odours and other signs of excessive wear and these clothes are donated to charitable organizations who have the resources and ability to find use for these clothes. – All this information and more can be found at

What does Perfect Threads have to offer?
Clothing for Women, Boys and Girls. They also offer amazing Bargain Boxes. Bargain boxes are 3 star items placed in groups and sold as a group. This is a really great idea, and if I hadn’t of found some single pieces I wanted to get I was going to opt into getting a Bargain Box.

What did I think?
I was quite impressed with the assortment of clothing I could choose from. Everything looked great and there was a lot of brand new pieces up for sale. Prices were really great starting at $1.99 up, I didn’t spend more than $4 for what I purchased. This was a huge plus for me. Why pay more for used items, even if name brand? You don’t have to. I found Perfect Threads star rating to be exactly on point, and I was impressed with how quickly my order shipped to me.

What did I get?
I got Justin some 18-24 month pieces. Some don’t quite fit yet, but I did that on purpose. He’s in between some sizes right now so I was happy to not have to pay a fortune to get clothes that he won’t fit into yet but once he does probably won’t stay in them for long. I also got Jayden a pair of jeans and Jackson a really cute whale tee. My girls have so many clothes I decided to see what I could get for the boys this time.




Every piece I got was name brand from Disney, Children’s Place and Gymboree. Everything arrived quickly, and in amazing condition. Some didn’t even look worn. Which as a thrifty shopper was a great thing to see.

My order was $4.75 over the gift voucher I was given of $25 so I paid that out of pocket. For the order total plus shipping. Perfect Threads does offer FREE shipping on orders $50 and up.

Where does Perfect Threads Ship?
Canada and the United States (some restrictions may apply)

If you are a thrifty shopper like me and like finding great deals without having to spend an arm and a leg on clothing, especially for kids who grow so quickly Perfect Threads is a great place to shop!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given a gift voucher to purchase these products complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

Ways to Spruce Up Pinterest Interaction

Ways to Spruce Up Pinterest Interaction: Would you like to gain more likes, comments and repins? Find out some easy ways how! -

Recently I’ve become very interested in Pinterest. I’ve had it since shortly after it launched BUT didn’t truly get its full potential until about two or so months ago.

I followed a select few people that I’ve known online for a while and they followed me but then I decided I wanted to try to get Six Time Mommy more out there, to grow a little more and everyone said Pinterest would be a great way to do it!

So, I Dove in. I went from a very few followers to 1,500 in two months! Not bad, but also not great. I want to continue to grow and thought I would share with you just how I plan on doing that!

Viralwoot – Gain pinterest followers, Promote pins, Schedule Pins, Create pin alerts and more! You can do this with “Seeds” which you gain by liking pins, following pinners and re-pining others pins. You can then offer “seeds” to others to do the same with your very own content. This has been a great tool for me to not only connect with other pinners like me, but also find great accounts to follow and gain about 100 followers of my own in less than a month!

Blogger Group Pinterest threads – Are you apart of any blogger groups on facebook? These are amazing. If you join a blogger group often they have daily threads for re-pinning and commenting and sometimes they run follow threads as well. I’ve found amazing content this way and love sharing other peoples pins along with my own so this is one of my favorite ways to interact and pin. Repin others pins, but also leave engaging comments. This can draw others to your account as well!

Choosing Photos Wisely – Photos are what catches anyone who surfs through Pinterest eyes first. I know I don’t usually read a description unless the photo has caught my eye.  It’s generally a good idea to make sure its a clear, well shot photo. I usually use the ones from my header on each post and they tend to do well. The brighter the photo the better too, and if you can have the title of your post written clearly on the photo.

Follow others in your Niche – My “Niche” is Mommyhood/Parenting. Although I do touch on a variety of things like Product Reviews, Tips and sometimes How Tos I try to follow as many other Mommy blogs or Parenting blogs as I can. The more you get to know people in your own Niche, the more they may take interest in you too and repin/follow you!

Repin - If you only pinned your own content it might not do much for you on Pinterest. I have a board strictly for Six Time Mommy, but I also have tons of other boards touching on everything from Food to Health and Beauty to Pets. I repin anything of interest that are relevant to my boards. I also try to repin my own content to other boards in my own account. Say I’m posting this post in my Six Time Mommy board I can also pin it on my Blogging, Reviews and Internet board and my Advice, Tips and How-to board! Getting your content out there is key, so repinning your own content on different boards is a really good idea!

If you have Pinterest how do you interact on Pinterest? If you don’t have it, why not?

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Join the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat for Fun & Win!

1. First Home_JAN15_9_TWAre you thinking about possibly buying a new home? Have some questions you need answered about the process? Perfect! This is your chance to have some of those questions answered by the pros!

Join the #RBCFirstHome January 20 , 8:30- 9:30PM ET you can sumbit your questions during the chat using the hashtag #RBCFirstHome – RBC has invited a Lawyer, Realtor, Design, Home Builders, Home Experts and Mortgage experts to answer questions!

Chat participants have a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards!

I will be there so I would love to see you all there too! Tweet ya Tuesday! :)

1. First Home_JAN15_2_TW

 Disclosure: I am part of the RBC First Home Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

11 Of My Favorite {FREE} Fonts!

Years ago when I started blogging (I’m talking when I was 12, yes! THAT long!) I had no idea about fonts, photoshop, paint shop or any other programs to help better graphic or photos so my little blogs were pretty bare and boring. Now we have so much right at our finger tips. Graphics, Free Programs, Free Stock Photos, Any type of fonts you can think of. It’s all right there, for us to use and most of the time it’s FREE.

I love fonts. Pretty, cute and colorful fonts. I love them. Making graphics for your blog posts, your Pinterest boards and even Instagram doesn’t have to be plain, bland or boring anymore. You can make beautiful, pretty and eye catching photos to draw people to your posts, and get some clicks! All you have to do is find a free program {my favorite is picmonkey} and have some funky fonts installed on your computer. A lot of free programs, including PicMonkey have fonts pre-installed but I like having my own as I don’t pay for PM so the pre-installed fonts are limited and not all that fabulous. I have tons of fonts on my computer, I can’t even begin to count them because there is SO many but there are a few I tend to favor and use more than others.

So, I decided I would share my top 11 with you. The best part about these? They are all FREE.

11 Of My Favorite {FREE} Fonts. Download Links INCLUDED. Are you looking for cute, fancy and new fonts to use? These are all free, and absolutely gorgeous! -

Puppy Bellies
{Download Puppy Bellies}
{Download LemonDrop}
Little Miss Priss
{Download Little Miss Priss}
BreakUp Season
{Download BreakUp Season}
{Download Archistico}
Toast and Eggs
{Download Toast and Eggs}
Next To Me
{Download Next To Me}
Vanessa Loves You
{Download Vanessa Loves You}
Life’s A Beach
{Download Life’s A Beach}
Eight Fifteen
{Download Eight Fifteen}
Be Still And Know
{Download Be Still And Know}

*None of these fonts are mine, or created by me.

QUARTEX: A Mind-Bending, Shape-Building Tile Game Review

QUARTEX GAME REVIEW: A new, fun and engaging game for kids 8+ - Mind Bending and Shape Building. -

What is Quartex?
Quartex (MSRP $24.99 for 2-5 players ages 8+) is multi award-winning board game and puzzle in one. The game has earned MENSA Brain Game Recommendation, Major Fun Award, Canadian Toy Testing Council Approval and The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Honors.

Suggested ages 8+ (my girls joined in a game as well and they are 7&8)

How to play? 
Each Player draws 5 tiles from the bag, Each player plays one tile per turn so that the shapes on the corners match up with other tiles already in play. If the tile completes a shape, the player earns a point token for that color.

It’s very quick and easy to learn how to play. Jordan and I read the instructions and off we went. Easy to read and simple instructions are a huge plus. It was a lot of fun.


It’s a great game if you play strategy games and it’s one I will be keeping for game nights. Although it says 8+ I’m pretty sure Jayden who is 5 would have no problem with the game as well.

We enjoyed playing. Played a few games, and the other kiddos wanted to join in. They too found it fairly simple and had a lot of fun trying to out do mom!



As a mom I really enjoy the fact the whole game is sturdy and made well. Even the box is a good quality so storing won’t be a problem, and game pieces won’t be broken.

If you are looking for a simple yet entertaining game I would recommend Quartex. Although it doesn’t look like much on the package, don’t let that fool you! 


Visit CSE Games Website for a list of where to buy!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.