It’s the Gift Everyone Will Love! Make the Moment – With Breville Canada Crispy Crust Pizza Maker Giveaway

Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evening, Pizza ALL THE TIME! That’s how it is at our house or at least we’d like it to be! We are huge pizza fanatics so much so I make sure I make dough at least once a week. I love to make pizza, pizza pockets and pizza bites all homemade. Don’t get me wrong I love ordering and also grabbing store bought when in a pinch for time but for me homemade is the way to go.

Breville, one of my all-time favourites makes that possible with the gorgeous Breville Canada Crispy Crust Pizza Maker! The Crispy Crust Pizza Maker replicates the mastery of the wood-fired oven at home. Be sure to check out Breville’s new holiday gift guide, where there is something for just about everyone on your list!

We are really excited to be able to enjoy pizza this upcoming holiday season like we have never had it before! The Breville way! We learned very quickly with our Smart Grill and Smart Touch Crisp microwave that our Breville products are very, very sacred and we just can’t live without them so I’m sure it will be the same with the Crispy Crust Pizza Maker!

Breville — Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

  • Countertop pizza maker gives you professional brick-oven results, right in your own kitchen.
  • Dual heating elements on the top and bottom of the oven heat the ceramic pizza stone up to 660°F, replicating the cooking environment of a brick oven.
  • Built-in 12″ diam. baking stone conducts and retains heat evenly to guarantee crisp, golden crusts.
  • Settings for Thin, Medium and Thick crusts ensure uniformly baked pizzas—no matter how generous the toppings.
  • A special Keep Warm setting holds your fresh-baked pizza at the ideal serving temperature—and keeps the baking stone hot between pizzas.
  • Use the viewing window to monitor baking without opening the lid and losing heat.
  • Bake pizzas up to 11″ diam.

Pizza perfection in just 5 minutes – with Breville

It’s your lucky day! How would you like to win a Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker? Thanks to our friends at Breville ONE OF YOU CAN! Celebrate this holiday season, have a pizza slice and enjoy making memories with your own homemade delicious pizza!

Note: Giveaway open to Canadian Residents only. ONE (1) Winner will be announced 12/20. Winner will have 24 hours to respond via email before a new winner will be chosen. Prize fulfillment responsibility of Breville Canada and not that of Six Time Mommy.

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Breville Canada. All thoughts and opinions mine and 100% true.



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I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!

About Jeanine

I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!


  1. We eat pizza all the time, so I should totally invest in one of these. It sounds like something I definitley need in my life.

  2. I love making pizza at home too! We have such a large family (not quite your size!) It’s way cheaper.
    I love adding mushrooms to mine, no one else likes them

  3. Mexican or taco pizza: salsa, cheese, onions, tomato, taco flavoured ground meat or chicken with fresh shredded lettuce added after cooked served with guacamole and sour cream So Yummy!

  4. mmmmm yummy. We are not fussy here we like all kinds my favorite is Meat lovers’. Loaded with all kinds of goodies.

  5. I think the real question is what ISN’T my favourite kind of pizza?! It’s my favourite food in the whole world! Today I’m craving bacon and pineapple!

  6. Pepperoni is my ultimate favourite. I usually doctor it with some sweet Thai Chili sauce on top. Extra yumminess.

  7. My favorite pizza is pepperoni, mushrooms, sweet pepper, olives, ham, tomato and whatever else I’m in the mood for

  8. one of our favorites is grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms and feta made with alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce

  9. I love pepperoni pizza! And if I make pizza at home I put real Canadian peameal back bacon on it, it’s such a treat!

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