Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving With The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

Weaknesses. We all have them, and although most of the time we love them and enjoy them sometimes they aren’t great for you. My one true weakness that has been something I’ve struggled with my whole entire life is — ice cream.

I won’t lie there is no wrong when it comes to ice cream. When I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes I literally thought my life was over and it was mostly because of ice cream. My pregnancy brought so many cravings and wants but at night when watching my shows I loved indulging in ice cream.. Could be partly why I was diagnosed with diabetes (it wasn’t though) but I have a serious for for it and always have.

I’ve always wanted to make my own ice cream but never really thought much about it. I thought it was easier to run to the store, spend anywhere from $2-$10 on some ice cream and call it a day. Boy, was I wrong.

The really good ice creams that you can get cost you a pretty penny up here in Canada. I’m talking $5-$8 and to a mama on a budget like me, it’s only a splurge every once in a while. The rest of the time I’d have to settle for the other kind and it wasn’t as good.

That is  until now — Thanks to the Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker I am able to make ice cream at home and the best part of it all? It only takes 20 minutes! YES, THAT IS RIGHT — TWENTY MINUTES. That is it. You can also control what goes in it, and the flavours are up to you!  The price? CENTS per bowl. Yep, pick up some chocolate chips or your favourite chocolate bar (hello, smarties!) or your favourite fruits.. after 15 minutes or when the ice cream starts to thicken drop the treats on in and you have an amazing, homemade ice cream!



This ice cream maker would make the perfect gift for any foodie, but also any mama looking to save some money and make a quick cold treat very quickly! There is a little booklet that comes with the ice cream maker and it has a couple recipes you can follow or you can hunt down your own. We followed the ones in the booklet and with one a few minutes, a quick mix in a bowl you then pour the mixture in, turn it on and away it goes.



Did I mention this won’t break the bank to buy? The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream maker retails for $56.99 and comes in two different colours, we got Red and it matches with the other appliances and products in our kitchen! Super cute.

Hamilton Beach 1½ Quart Ice Cream Makers

  •  Customize with your favourite mix-ins
  • Homemade ice cream — ready in as little as 20 minutes
  • Pre-freeze the bowl to make quick frozen treats anytime
  • Makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, sherbet or gelato
  • No rock salt required
  • Recipes included
  • Freezer bowl fits easily in freezer
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Purchase here

So far we’ve made two ice creams. We made vanilla with chocolate chips and then we made vanilla with strawberries. Let me just tell you, this option has changed my life. For cents a bowl, and to know exactly what ingredients are in the ice cream I’m eating and my kiddos will be eating — that means the world to me. Kids don’t need a ton of sugar, junk or artificial foods so being able to make an all time family favourite and know that it isn’t as bad for them its wonderful.

I found the machine to be a bit noisy, but it wasn’t too bad. Didn’t wake the baby up when she naps in the living rooms os thats a huge plus – I know our old blender used to do that and it was a pain! It’s also really easy to clean which is a huge plus!



If you are looking for an inexpensive gift that will keep on giving for years to come the Hamilton Beach 1 1/2 quart ice cream maker is sure to please! We are thrilled to be able to make ice cream whenever we want it. When we aren’t making ice cream we just keep the freezer bowl in the freezer for when we get the urge to go make some ice cream!

The kids love having it and even helping to make it so its something we will be sure to get so much use out of. I am looking forward to saving so much money and using this baby throughout the holidays to make different ice creams: Candy cane and Maple walnut are up next on my list!

What flavour of ice cream would you make?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given these products complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.



Owner/Author at Six Time Mommy
I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!

About Jeanine

I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!


  1. This sure does beat cranking your ice cream by hand. I can remember as a kid my dad would make homemade ice cream and have us turn the crank until it was done. Lucky there were 5 kids because it took FOREVER. Bet this is Hamilton Beach ice cream maker is pretty fast.

  2. I have a soft serve ice cream maker which I love! I don’t use it incredibly often but I am so pleased with it. I would love to try and make peppermint ice cream.

  3. I love ice-cream and have always been curious about making your own. This looks like a really yummy solution to making it at home! I would love to try it out and find my fave recipes to concoct! How fun!

  4. Red is the accent colour in my kitchen too – perfect! Does the homemade ice cream actually taste as good as the store bought ice cream though?

  5. I would make mint chocolate chip! My husband and i are the biggest ice cream lovers, we are really obsessed. We do indulge right before bed too which probably isn’t the best idea lol. But its our quiet time after the kids go to sleep. I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to consider getting one of these, but i am waiting no more!

  6. Oh my heavens! This would be the end of my health crazed days. I love ice cream, and being able to make my own flavors would be amazing! I recently bought some sea salt caramel baking chips. YUM!! Yep, I think I’ll tell my fiance to add this to my Christmas wishlist.

  7. I am with you very much when it comes to the crazy for Ice Cream all through my life despite being in 40s now. The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker sounds amazing and it would be fun to try your favorite Ice Cream flavors at home anytime!

  8. I have been wanting one of these for ages! I love that you can make your own healthier version of your favorite ice cream flavors

  9. I’ve always wondered if these ice cream makers really make ice cream that tastes as good as the store bought kind. I can’t believe how creamy the ice cream you made looks. It might be dangerous for me to be able to make ice cream at home whenever I want to, wink, wink.

  10. OH! I would love one of these, so would the kids! The ice cream looks like my favorite way too – slightly melty and very creamy!

  11. I’ve always wanted to get an ice cream maker. Ever since I was a little kid! I will have to grab one!!! My husband and I always make it in baggies — this would be SO much easier! I can’t wait to try.

  12. When I was younger I used to make my own ice cream the old school way they teach you in school with ziploc bags and ice and cream! I think this would be fun to create your own flavors!

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