Last Minute Gift Idea: Give The Gift of Schick

Last year at this time I was running around like crazy trying to remember what I had bought, what was or wasn’t wrapped, who I had left to buy for and then I had to try to get out to the stores and make sure what I was needing was still in the store. Do you know how hard it is to shop the week before Christmas? If you do well, this is the post for you! Although I am completely done my shopping AND wrapping I know so many people aren’t and its now crunch time!

With the last few days quickly winding down before the big day I know it can get hectic and things can be forgotten. If you are looking for a really great gift idea that speaks for itself look no further! Give the gift of Schick this holiday season!

If you have someone in your life you just aren’t sure what to get – or you are like us and have a freshly turned teenager in your home these would be the perfect gifts for under the tree!

Schick Holiday Gift Sets

Like last year, one of my top pics for giving (all year long!) is Schick. I love schick products and use them myself so I know the quality is there, and the performance is spectacular so its a great gift to give anytime. But for the holidays, Schick has these wonderful Holiday Gift Sets!

Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture Holiday Gift Pack

For the woman who likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated – the Schick® Intuition® razor lathers and moisturizes skin during shaving, without the need for shave gel. It boasts an ergonomically designed handle, a pivoting head and four blades surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid containing Shea Butter to help achieve noticeably softer skin.

This set includes:
• Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture razor with Moisture Ribbons, plus travel cap and refill
• Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture with Moisture Ribbons refill cartridges (pack of 3)
• Softlips ® Cube Berry Bliss Lip Moisturizer
• Double-sided Compact Mirror

Purchase: $14.95 | Walmart

Schick Hydro Silk® Holiday Gift Pack

You never know when a beauty emergency might come up! Equip your most fashionable friend with the essentials to keep her day running smoothly. Schick Hydro Silk® is a uniquely-designed razor that goes beyond an incredibly close shave to care for your skin. It contains Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum that hydrates skin for up to two hours after shaving – longer than any other razor.

This set includes:
• Schick Hydro Silk® razor with one cartridge
• Schick Hydro Silk® re ll cartridges (pack of 2) • Skintimate® Skin Winter Care shaving gel
• 11-piece Women’s Emergency Kit

Purchase: $14.95 | Walmart

Schick® Hydro® 5 Holiday Gift Pack

Help men in your life look smooth from head to toe with this Schick® Hydro® 5 gift. The exclusive Hydrating Gel Reservoir of the Schick® Hydro® 5 hydrates skin for up to one hour after shaving and ve Ultra Glide® Blades with Skin Guards help protect skin from nicks and cuts.

This set includes:
• Schick Hydro® 5 razor with re ll cartridge
• Schick Hydro® 5 re ll cartridges (pack of 2) • Edge® Sensitive Skin shave gel
• 4-piece Shoe Shine Kit

Purchase: $14.95 | Walmart

For the last few Christmases I’ve had Schick under the tree for my husband and this Christmas I’m thrilled to also be putting a Schick Hydro 5 gift pack under the tree for my husband and oldest son! Both will get great use out if it and now we won’t have to worry about the oldest trying to use our razors!

Are you all finished shopping yet, or do you have any last minute shops to run out and do?

Disclosure: I am part of the Schick Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!

About Jeanine

I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!


  1. I would love to get one of these from my husband. I use his razor and he always jokes about how I dull the blade. I guess it would be a joint gift so I would happily leave his razor alone if I had this!

  2. I love holiday packages like these! My husband and I have been trying to figure out what to put in both of our mother’s stockings. These would be great!! We love the Schick brand so that’s a total plus.

  3. I would love to have that one! I really love how Schick packs these gift perfectly! I’m sure my husband would love this as well.

  4. I love this idea for a last minute gift. They make a great gift and they are packaged so nicely. Schick is a great brand too.

  5. It can be tough crossing each and every name off your shopping list. I love gifts that involve a little pampering. Those Schick gift sets look awesome.

  6. Those are really nice sets. I am always up for getting personal care items as gifts- especially nice sets like these.

  7. Gift sets make it so much easy for us when we don’t really know what kind of present someone would like! I think everybody can make use of one of these, so it’s really a great idea.

    Carlota |

  8. I keep seeing these in stores and want one for myself! It is something any adult would use, so the perfect gift!

  9. I have to say I’m very impressed by the gift set boxes. They are attractive and have everything one needs. Not a bad gift idea.

  10. This is such a good idea for a gift! I got one of the guy ones for my brother. He just moved out on his own and this was perfect for him!

  11. Oh these are great! I was actually looking for something like this for my husband and I didn’t see them anywhere!!

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