Last Minute Gift Idea: The NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer From Hamilton Beach

Food is something as a very large household we go through a lot of. We budget, and plan and often meal plan but that doesn’t change the fact that we usually buy in bulk or extras so we can freeze them! I love being able to get fresh fruit or meat and be able to pack them away in the freezer and know they won’t lose the freshness we all love.

Up until recently though, I couldn’t even stomach frozen fruit – it tasted awful. I had no idea how anyone could eat it, and I for sure wasn’t going to be giving it to my kids. How on earth do those who make pre-packaged fruits bags that you can find at the grocery store keep them so fresh? Well, I was about to find out!

Hamilton Beach sent me the NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer and my life has now forever changed. If you want to buy a lot of that amazing looking batch of strawberries or those grapes that look oh so tender but know you can’t eat them all quick enough, this is what you need! I often like to buy special steaks and things my kids don’t really like for my husband and I or a big roast that we can cut into steaks ourselves (because hello, more bang for your buck)! which we can freeze for our date nights!

The Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer is life changing. I love being able to cut up a big roast we buy and portion them for date nights. We don’t get out for date nights and haven’t been able to in years so we have date nights in and that usually includes a really good meal!

Because we don’t need 7 or 8 steaks for our date nights so portioning two that we need, vacuuming sealing and freezing until we need it is what we do to ensure freshness and not have anything go to waste!

The NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

Keeping food fresh longer is important, especially when you’ve spent valuable time and money shopping for it and preparing it. The NutriFresh™ Vacuum Sealer takes just minutes to use and makes sealing and storing food easy. It works by locking air out to keep freshness in, so you can store food in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. You’ll reach for it all year long, especially when you buy groceries in bulk or want to preserve leftovers and garden harvests.

The NutriFresh™ Vacuum Sealer comes with a convenient kit of heat-sealing bags and rolls to get you started. When it’s time to purchase more NutriFresh™ bags or rolls, wide selection covers every food-sealing need. NutriFresh™ bags and rolls are also compatible with FoodSaver® and Ziploc® heat-seal vacuum systems and other brands.


Extra-wide vacuum chamber

Versatile controls:

  • Vacuum & Seal for traditional sealing
  • Seal only for making bags from rolls
  • Vacuum only for delicate food
  • Normal seal for dry food
  • Extended seal for moist food

Includes: two 11 in. x 20 ft. heat-seal roll and 4 gallon-size & 6 quart-size heat-seal bags

PRICE: $129.99

AVAILABLE: Home Outfitters and

This is a really great system. I’ve never owned one before but it works very quickly, and although it is a bit loud it gets the job done and done well. I have wanted a system like this for a very long time so I’m really happy that I was able to get one.

Hamilton Beach products have never let me down so I’m sure we will get a ton of use out of this machine. It’s not big or bulky either so will fit in just nicely in our small kitchen. We need all the space we can get in my kitchen so I was glad it won’t take up too much real estate even if I leave it out on the counter for when I need it!

This would make a great gift this holiday season, or even grab one for yourself! It’s a great machine and comes with a 5 year warranty, can’t beat that!

Do you have a vacuum sealer? What do you think you could use one the most for?

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I did receive this product for my honest opinions and post. The opinions on this blog are my own and 100% true.



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I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!

About Jeanine

I am a super lucky 31 year old mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls!) Living in Toronto, Canada. I love to blog, share experiences and bring awareness to causes, brands and products I feel strongly about. Welcome to my world on the web!


  1. I have been wanting a vacuum sealer for years now. This one sounds awesome, so I am definitely hoping Santa brings meone.

  2. I have been meaning to get a vacuum sealer for our kitchen for a couple years now! Adding this to my wish list so hopefully I will get one soon.

  3. I need this in my kitchen! Especially now, I can assume there will be left overs from our family reunion which are too delicious to just let it spoil. I did own some Hamilton Beach appliances before and did served me well for a long time. I guess it is time to get another one in the form of a vacuum sealer.

  4. I don’t think the price is that steep especially when considering the fact that I need one of these at home but maybe it can have a consumer-friendlier SRP. I’m delighted to think that I’ll have one of these soon!

  5. I have always wanted one of these in my kitchen. This would save so many foods since I only cook for a couple at a time.

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