Fun Filled Weekend!

Where do I begin? Saturday morning was the Great Cloth Diaper Change & that night a pretty big AppleCheeks dinner! The Great Cloth Diaper Change was held at the Direct Energy Centre here in Toronto. I’m so glad I was able to participate for a 2nd year! At 11a a… Read More »

The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Do any of you participate in The Great Cloth Diaper Change? We do! Last year was our first year. The whole family went, which won’t be happening this year. Although we have 2 in cloth, I’ll be taking the baby on my own with Jordan in tow – he asked… Read More »

1 Year Anniversary!

Today I celebrate 1 year of being employed by the most amazing company in the world, AppleCheeks. I am so incredibly thankful for even getting the chance to work for a company I truly love and believe in, but a whole year? That is incredible. I consider myself extremely lucky.… Read More »