Rudolph Felt Hand Puppet Craft

Today is the last day of school for my kids until January 9th! I’m so thankful because I love having them home and not having to worry about everyone being up on time and out the door. I also look forward to not having to have a couple of the… Read More »

Easy Christmas Tree Craft Kids Will Love

It’s getting so close! Which means my kids are all Christmas, all the time. They want to watch Christmas movies, talk about Christmas, touch the Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music — you name it if it has to do with Christmas you can bet its being talked about, watched,… Read More »

DIY Cookie Cutter Snowman Ornament

Tomorrow is the day! We are putting up our Christmas tree! I am so excited, I cant’t wait to get my decorations up around the house and get the tree ready for Santa! My kids aren’t as excited as I am, which is usually how it goes but we are… Read More »

Get Creative! Make a Turkey Candle for Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe I’m talking about Thanksgiving already! But, guess what? Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada! I for one cannot wait because I am craving turkey and all the trimmings so badly! Our last turkey holiday seems like so long ago and after dealing with Gestational Diabetes for the majority… Read More »