Fun Donut Craft for Kids

We love doing crafts in our house but sometimes things can get boring. We need to really be creative and think of fun things to do to change it up and make it fun for everyone. Being pregnant one of my weaknesses is we live in between two Tim Horton’s… Read More »

DIY Birthday Shirt Using Crayons

When May rolls around it’s what we call in our family “Birthday Season” because starting in May we have a Birthday or two every month until October! This month on May 11th, we celebrated Jackson’s 5th Birthday! I still can’t believe he turned 5 it still feels like he’s so… Read More »

Fun Shark Craft for Kids!

Over the weekend the kids and I were bored and someone said, “I wish we could go whale watching right now!” and another one said, “or shark watching! scary!” neither of which we could do where we live as A. There is no salt water close by to find such… Read More »

DIY White Yarn Christmas Tree Decorations

Although I do really love decorating for Christmas I don’t always love spending the extra money on decorations. Over the years I’ve collected plenty, however moving and such has caused a lot of the stuff to go missing, get broken or need to be thrown out for whatever reason. Although… Read More »