Get Creative! Make a Turkey Candle for Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe I’m talking about Thanksgiving already! But, guess what? Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada! I for one cannot wait because I am craving turkey and all the trimmings so badly! Our last turkey holiday seems like so long ago and after dealing with Gestational Diabetes for the majority… Read More »

Fun Donut Craft for Kids

We love doing crafts in our house but sometimes things can get boring. We need to really be creative and think of fun things to do to change it up and make it fun for everyone. Being pregnant one of my weaknesses is we live in between two Tim Horton’s… Read More »

DIY Birthday Shirt Using Crayons

When May rolls around it’s what we call in our family “Birthday Season” because starting in May we have a Birthday or two every month until October! This month on May 11th, we celebrated Jackson’s 5th Birthday! I still can’t believe he turned 5 it still feels like he’s so… Read More »

Make Your Own Kool-Aid Play Dough

When it comes to having kids you have to be creative. The simple things although often do, sometimes just don’t cut it! When it comes to play dough we go through mountains of it in our house! I mean, mountains! I’ve made plenty of different kinds (here’s one) but sometimes… Read More »

Perfect Crayons for Itty Bitty Fingers

Having kids at all different ages and stages can be so fun. I love watching them learn how to colour. My favorite is watching them when they are very young coloring for the first time. Justin, who is 2 loves to scribble. I have noticed though he can sometimes have… Read More »

Homemade Crayon Play Dough

I’ve always loved making my own play dough. Buying it in store is all good but I find it never lasts. My kids mix them together, they leave the jar opened and it gets hard. So, why not make your own? Be able to replace what gets ruined, and always… Read More »