Make Your Own Kool-Aid Play Dough

When it comes to having kids you have to be creative. The simple things although often do, sometimes just don’t cut it! When it comes to play dough we go through mountains of it in our house! I mean, mountains! I’ve made plenty of different kinds (here’s one) but sometimes… Read More »

Perfect Crayons for Itty Bitty Fingers

Having kids at all different ages and stages can be so fun. I love watching them learn how to colour. My favorite is watching them when they are very young coloring for the first time. Justin, who is 2 loves to scribble. I have noticed though he can sometimes have… Read More »

Homemade Crayon Play Dough

I’ve always loved making my own play dough. Buying it in store is all good but I find it never lasts. My kids mix them together, they leave the jar opened and it gets hard. So, why not make your own? Be able to replace what gets ruined, and always… Read More »

Homemade Pink Sugar Lip Scrub

Sometimes I like treating my lips with some delicious lip scrub. But, sometimes I don’t like paying the often crazy prices to do so. As a mom I rarely find time to myself, which means I rarely have time to head to a store, stand around looking for the perfect… Read More »

Toilet Paper Roll Monster Craft

Now that I’ve started homeschooling Kyla again we’ve had to really try to find more fun things to do for our art time. I make sure to give her some art time as it’s super cold outside right now and we don’t want to be spending too much time outside… Read More »

DIY Fun Maze Craft & Game for Kids

Crafts are one of my very favorite things to do with my kids. If you’ve been a reader for a while you’ll know that. We’ve done some pretty amazing crafts. Recently, it’s been tough to think up unique and different ideas to do that will not only keep my kids… Read More »