5 Types of Children’s Gardens

Children’s gardens are meant to be fun and bright, everything kids want to see in nature right there at their fingertips. Even with their short attention spans, children can be engrossed with gardening, gardens and want to spend their free time playing in them too. Its all about creating a… Read More »

Easy DIY Washi Tape Craft

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would have seen this post, this post and all of these. If not, take a moment to have a peek. If you did, you’d know just how much I LOVE washi tape. There is no limit when it comes to… Read More »

DIY: Easter Centerpiece

Supplies Needed: -Small Vase -Easter “grass” (choose your favorite color) -Easter Egg Picks (Found at most dollar stores, various sizes) -Fake Bundle of Flowers (Can be found at dollar stores, walmart, hobby stores) -Ribbon Instructions: -You will need to begin by cutting the stems on the egg picks shorter as… Read More »

Easy DIY Puppets For Kids

This morning the kids wanted to do some crafts so I decided to try to make something they can not only be proud of but actually play with! I wasn’t too sure where I was going with the idea I had but it turned out pretty cute! I checked on… Read More »