The Importance of a Parenting Support System

Being a parent is hard work. Anyone who’s ever been there, or even had to care for a child for a period of time can tell you how hard it is. Children don’t come with a guidebook and if they did, it’d be out of date as soon as you… Read More »

5 Ways to Support New Parents

There are so many ways to support new parents, and supporting new parents is vitally important in allowing them to enjoy their new little bundle of joy. Paying it forward makes the world go round, remember when you were a first time parent? The struggle was real. The lack of… Read More »

The Fault in Keeping Things Equal

I knew having many children would be a challenge. Yes, there are bad days but when they are good they are awesome. From the beginning I always strived to keep things equal between all of my children. I was meticulous at making sure that every child got an equal share.… Read More »