Apple Cake Pops Recipe for Back-To-School!

Well that was quick! Summer is almost over. How did that happen? It’s so funny before when I was pregnant the summer seemed to go by at a snail’s pace, and now it’s like it’s flying by. I hate how that happens. Guess time flies when you are having fun!… Read More »

Quick and Easy Pizza Bagels Recipe

My absolute favorite part of back-to-school is making my kids lunches! Not only do I find it relaxing to sit and come up with ideas of what to put in their lunches and get as creative as I want it gives me time at night to unwind, and be by… Read More »

Homemade Mango Watermelon Ice Pops

Are you looking for a quick way to cool off this summer? It’s so hot right now here in Toronto so I’ve been trying to make as many different treats to help us keep cool as I can! I really try to keep the sugar to a minimum so when… Read More »

Refreshing Blueberry Lemonade Recipe

Before being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Lemonade was one of my all-time favorite drinks. I love how you can make it as bitter, sweet or tart as you like. I love that you can add fruit and make it unique. It’s always been refreshing and always quenched any thirst I… Read More »

Cake Pop Cones Recipe

Although ice cream has been our choice lately for a nice cool treat we sometimes get bored of it quickly. I know, sounds crazy but it’s true! However, there are always new and fun ways to spruce up treats for the kids especially over the summer holidays. I know I… Read More »

Chocolate Spoon Stirrers

I am not a huge coffee lover, that is my husband! But this mama? Loves tea! I have been able to enjoy my tea still with Gestational Diabetes I’ve just had to swap out sugar for splenda which is fine by me as it works just as well! But, before… Read More »