Influenster #MysteryBrand VoxBox!

I thought I was lucky enough to be among the first picked for the very 1st Canadian VoxBox but now I can’t believe how lucky I was to be chosen for this one! The new Mystery Brand Vox Box! I got the e-mail last week saying I qualified and I needed to take the survey… Read More »

SleepBelt: Review & Giveaway!

 “A hands free skin-to-skin support system, SleepBelt allows baby to sleep soundly on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back to read, use a tablet, or their smart phone; it literally belts your sleeping baby to you!  With a new baby, breaks are important… Make the most of them.” There are very few products… Read More »

Bedtime Woes – Aren’t Just For Newborns & Toddlers!

My kids are great kids but let’s face it – they’re kids, and although I don’t have too many gripes, We do have some struggles.. One being recently they’ve started this little trend where they will dawdle at bedtime. They will have to pee three times, they’ll have to re-brush their teeth because they might… Read More »

Guest Blog: Diaper Liners vs Diaper Sprayer

Hello to all you wonderful readers it’s Heidi blogging for you on this freezing Wednesday. Today I am going to discuss – Diaper liners vs Diaper Sprayer In our home we use AppleCheeks cloth diapers exclusively. They make phenomenal products that I am proud to use on my son. It wasn’t until a few months… Read More »

Review & Flash Giveaway: Kael&Kaed Genuine Baltic Amber

“Baltic amber is not a “stone” it is fossilized natural tree resin – about 40 million years old! As it warms against your body’s natural temperature, it releases healing oils containing succinic acid, which are absorbed into the skin and into the blood stream.” I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant… Read More »