Boba 4G Giveaway!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday evening! I’ve just got the kids tucked into bed so I am finally able to get this giveaway up and running. First though I’d like to draw attention to the new design! I absolutely love it, so it will be sticking around for a while. I’ll be adding… Read More »

Guest Blog: Community Shared Agriculture/CSA

Hi everyone, it’s Heidi on this wonderful Wednesday. For my guest blog today want to discuss… Community Shared Agriculture Or CSA – is a system of growing and distributing organic produce that restores the link between the farmers and city dwellers. What is a share? “A Share” is the term we use for the box… Read More »

Review: Babywearing in a Boba 4G!

“The Boba Carrier 4G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind!” If you are a fan of my Facebook page…you heard this news already, but for those who don’t know.. I am a brand new Boba Ambassador. This is most incredible to me because Boba has been my… Read More »

Guest Blog: Back to a routine..

  Thanks someecards this is exactly me yesterday! Hey all it’s Heidi on this terribly freezing Wednesday. I hope that you are staying warm wherever you are. Yesterday was my daughters first day back to school after the winter break. I was so ready for her to go back. Not because I didn’t enjoy her being… Read More »

Winter Sickness, AGAIN!

It’s most definitely winter, not only outside but inside as well. I’m sick, again! This time instead of the flu I had a few weeks ago, I’ve got a horrible cold. It wouldn’t be terribly bad except I now can’t hear out of my right ear. That’s never fun for anyone, at any given time.… Read More »

Day 1 of dieting… Oh what FUN!

Happy New year all! Yesterday I started my new diet. I want to shed all pregnancy weight completely. I haven’t in the last 3 babies, so it’s time. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose but I’m not comfortable with where I’m at right now, and I want to feel better about myself… Read More »