When two worlds collide…

Yesterday we had Heidi, my guest blogger who post’s on the blog every Wednesday over with her two adorable kiddos and her hubby. I was a bit excited, see Heidi and I met somehow online. I don’t even remember how I believe on Instagram through the AppleCheeks hashtag or even through posts by AC on… Read More »

It’s the Weekend!

Wow, I haven’t posted in days. Probably because I’ve felt like absolute crap. I have an awful cold which started with a migraine so bad I almost had to take myself to the ER for IV fluids. Luckily, I had my hubby taking care of me and was able to rest and although it’s been… Read More »

109th Toronto Santa Claus Parade..

Today we took the kids to the Toronto Santa Claus parade. The 109th parade to be exact. It was fantastic. We had watched it every single year on tv but never went, even though this is our 3rd Christmas in Toronto so it was really cool to take the kids and see their faces. It… Read More »


Today I’m really struggling. I haven’t seen or spoken to my dad or his family in 20+ years. It’s been a tough situation for me, especially when I was 16 and my mom passed away from lung cancer. I had visits with my dad when I was younger and I remember them quite vividly. I… Read More »