Get Creative With Graphics: 10 of My Favourite FREE Fonts

Back in 2015 I posted this: 11 of my favourite {FREE} fonts. It was a really popular post, still is actually so I thought I’d post an updated one for 2018! There are so many really amazing fonts out there but sometimes I have to hunt to find the right ones.

I don’t do many graphics anymore these days but for printables and other fun projects, I need as many cute fonts as I can get my hands on because you want a variety so not everything looks the same. I’m a pretty cheap person, I hate having to pay for things that are available and free so I never buy fonts.

I love fonts. Pretty, cute and colorful fonts. I love them. Making graphics for your blog posts, your Pinterest boards and even Instagram doesn’t have to be plain, bland or boring anymore. You can make beautiful, pretty and eye-catching photos to draw people to your posts, and get some clicks! All you have to do is find a free program {my favourite is picmonkey} and have some funky fonts installed on your computer.

Here is my current, up-to-date list of 2018 Favourite FREE Fonts and links to download!

10 of my Favorite *FREE* Fonts -

Strawberry Blossom
{Download Strawberry Blossom}
Snarky Bess
{Download Snarky Bess}
Something Looks Natural
{Download Something Looks Natural}
{Download Hastoler}
A Little Sunshine
{Download A Little Sunshine}
{Download Bromello}
Unicorn Sparkles
{Download Unicorn Sparkles}
Shorelines Script
{Download Shorelines Script}
Summer in December
{Download Summer in December}
Good Vibes
{Download Good Vibes}

*None of these fonts are mine or created by me.