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10 Fun Slime Recipes for Kids to Have Crazy Fun With

Slime is all the rage right now. My girls are constantly making it, their friends are constantly making it and it’s all they seem to talk about most days. I personally, don’t see the appeal to it but kids? LOVE IT!

I decided instead of making a slime recipe I’d put together a list of some fantastic other recipes because, well, let’s face it – there are SO many out there on the web. So many different types, things to put in the slime and even ways to colour it! You can use dye, colouring, juice crystals and even play dough to get fun colours you like!

Did you also know you can use floam beads, glitter, and confetti to make slime that much more fun? It’s true, so here you go – 10 Fun Slime Recipes for Kids!

10 Fun Slime Recipes

Have you ever made Slime before? Do your kids love it? I haven’t tried making it with my younger kids yet but my girls just love it so I think we’ll be trying some of these recipes together and hopefully having lots of fun with them. I know my 4 year-old is dying to get his hands on his sisters slime, so this will be a lot of fun for them all!