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10 Fun Ways To Beat The Winter Blues As A Family!

10things22We live in Canada. Winter can be bitterly cold and often we don’t want to go outside if we don’t have to. However, when you have kids that can be hard and can become a little depressing staying inside. So here are some fun ideas to beat some of those winter blues inside and out!

Bundle up and go for a night walk/drive and take in the Christmas lights! One of my all time favorite things to do! You can help but feel upbeat, happy and full of Holiday spirit when you are looking at a beautiful light display!

Have a Hot Chocolate date! Boil some water, set out the mugs and make a date out of it! Put some marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles and any other fun toppings on the table grab a mug and let everyone dress their own hot chocolate and enjoy together!

Play some board games! Who doesn’t love having a family game night? Pick a new game and get right down to it!

Go play in the snow! Build a snowman, create some snow angels, make a big snow fort! Just have fun! Thats something I will always remember about my childhood – my mom and her S/O helping me make the biggest, deepest and coolest snow fort me and the neighborhood kids could actually go into and play!

Have a snowball fight! Sure there’s a time and a place to make and throw snowballs. We all know kids love doing it yet we always tell them NO! Put that snow down. Well, take the urge away and actually go have a friendly snowball fight/toss with the kids. I promise it will be loads of fun!

Go for a skate, sled down a hill or even a quick cross country ski! Break out your skis and take your kids out for some fun. Do you know how much magic shines in kids eyes especially if these things aren’t normal routines for them? Oh goodness! It’s well worth it.

Blow bubbles outside or Paint in the snow. Have you ever done this? Kids get the biggest kick out of watching the bubbles freeze, it’s a lot of fun! Painting in the snow can also but LOADS of fun.

Make a card and drop off to a Community Helper! Not only is this a great way to teach kids about those in service it makes those who are serving feel great to receive as well!

Bake some goodies to enjoy or Share with some friends! Kids love helping to bake and when it’s for others they tend to get really excited and encouraged!

Camp under the Christmas tree! It’s too cold to sleep under the stars so why not until the twinkle of those Christmas tree lights?

Why not pick a few and make a day out of it? I love the winter for all these things but I am not built for the cold. My family is the only reason I freeze my behind off for some fun!

How do you like to spend your time during the cold Winter months with your family?