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10 Homeschooling Pros & Cons

10 Homeschooling Pros & Cons to consider when thinking about Homeschooling! - sixtimemommy.comHomeschooling your kids is a decision that no parent takes lightly. There are a lot of things to consider, but in the end, you have to do what is right for your children and your family.

When considering whether to homeschool your child or keep them/send them to public school, it’s best to take a look at a few of the pros and cons of homeschooling to see if it really is what’s best. Let’s take a look at a few of them, but keep in mind that I’m not advocating for or against homeschool. Instead, I’m playing Devil’s advocate.

Pro: If you’re unhappy with how your son or daughter is being taught, homeschooling allows you the freedom to teach them what you want and how you want.

Con: If you don’t have the heart of a teacher, your desire to homeschool will eventually fizzle meaning your child may potentially miss out on their education.

Pro: Homeschool allows your family to have more freedom in your lives. Everything from schedules to field trips and curriculum is yours to play with as you like.

Con: Homeschooling also requires a lot of record keeping and (in some states/provinces) reporting adding another thing to your plate.

Pro: Homeschooling strengthens a family in a way that public school can not.

Con: Homeschooling also means that your kids are with you pretty much 24/7/365 so “me time” is rare for most homeschooling moms.

Pro: Homeschooling can literally be done from anywhere. Want to go on vacation? Grab your school supplies and go!

Con: Traveling and homeschooling from anywhere is great but can also add significant weight to your expenses and budget.

Pro: While a curriculum is great for some families, the internet is full of homeschool freebies that can be used in its place for well…free!

Con: If you choose to go with a set curriculum, you could easily set yourself back $2-$300 each year, per child.

Pro: Homeschooling kids are provided with a nutritious, lunch chosen by their parents.

Con: Having your kids at home when you’re not used to it will cause your grocery budget to jump.

Pro: Your Kids are only taught what you want them to be taught. This is fantastic for religious families or those with strong political views.

Con: Your children are only taught what you want them to be taught with no outside viewpoints to allow them to develop their own beliefs.

Pro: Your kids learn a wide array of topics that they might not otherwise learn.

Con: They may want to learn a topic that you aren’t familiar with making you hire a tutor or pay for expensive lessons and supplies.

Pro: Your kids will be involved in a lot more extra-curricular activities to provide them with the socialization they need.

Con: Your schedule will be very, very busy so if you work full time you may not be able to juggle it all.

Once you’ve really thought through the ones I’ve listed (and the ones I haven’t), it’s time to make your decision. Sit down with your family and talk it through. No matter what decision you make though, be confident in it. You’re only doing what you feel is best for your family.