10 Ways to Handle Rough Boys

10 Ways to Handle Rough BOYS - sixtimemommy.comYou have probably heard that saying that “boys will be boys.” Well, that statement is mostly true, but how do the parents of those boys handle them?! Some boys love to be “rough” which means they love play and anything that gets their heartbeat up.

I find my 3 out of 4 boys get into moods some days where they just want to fight each other, and even the slightest glance at each other will have them in each others face. So, I’ve had to really find ways to minimize the bickering, hitting and fighting. Here are some ways you can handle those boys:

Let Them Play
It’s always best to allow those “rough” boys time to play and get their energy out. Help them find places they can play that won’t bother others, but will allow them to run free.

Give Then Structure
Just because a boy plays rough, it doesn’t mean they can’t use structure. Make sure you talk to your boys about when it’s appropriate to play and when they should be doing other things. They’ll appreciate knowing what’s going on throughout their day.

Love on Them
Your boys were born rough, but you can still love on them. Find ways to meet their needs and to show them that they matter and you care.

Teach Them Manners
Rough boys can still use their manners. Don’t be afraid to teach your rough boys please and thank you! Of course you’ll want to teach them to be respectful of those around them.

Show Them When Enough is Enough
The excuse that your boys are rough isn’t always going to work. Sometimes enough is enough and you’ll have to put your foot down. They’ll need to respect your wishes and listen. We all know it may not be the first time you say so, but you can work on that.

Show Them Ways to Calm Down
When you can’t get your rough boys to calm down, it’s time to figure out some calming techniques that work for them. Have them take a time out to relax or count to 100 until they are chilled down.

Build Them up
Don’t belittle your boys. Make sure they know you care and that they are worthy in your eyes. Just because they are not calm, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be loved on.

Show Them Right From Wrong
Every rough boy out there needs to be shown right from wrong. Just because they love to play and be crazy, it is never an excuse to hurt or harm something or someone.

Let Them Be Rough When Allowed
Your boys need to know when their rough attitude is allowed. Since you can’t change who they are, you might as well come alongside and support them in a positive manner.

Don’t Try to Change Them
Again, you can’t change them, so do the best you can to support their roughness. Some boys just need to build, play hard, and discover dirt on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with it, you just have to roll with it and keep these tips in mind.

Do you know any rough and tough boys that could use some of these methods to help them through?

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