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11 Of My Favorite {FREE} Fonts!

Years ago when I started blogging (I’m talking when I was 12, yes! THAT long!) I had no idea about fonts, photoshop, paint shop or any other programs to help better graphic or photos, or even that you could learn tips and tricks from tutorials such as if you were to read this article for example, so my little blogs were pretty bare and boring. Now we have so much right at our finger tips. Graphics, Free Programs, Free Stock Photos, Any type of fonts you can think of. It’s all right there, for us to use and most of the time it’s FREE.

I love fonts. Pretty, cute and colorful fonts. I love them. Making graphics for your blog posts, your Pinterest boards and even Instagram doesn’t have to be plain, bland or boring anymore. You can make beautiful, pretty and eye catching photos to draw people to your posts, and get some clicks! All you have to do is find a free program {my favorite is picmonkey} and have some funky fonts installed on your computer. A lot of free programs, including PicMonkey have fonts pre-installed but I like having my own as I don’t pay for PM so the pre-installed fonts are limited and not all that fabulous. I have tons of fonts on my computer, I can’t even begin to count them because there is SO many but there are a few I tend to favor and use more than others.

So, I decided I would share my top 11 with you. The best part about these? They are all FREE.

11 Of My Favorite {FREE} Fonts. Download Links INCLUDED. Are you looking for cute, fancy and new fonts to use? These are all free, and absolutely gorgeous! -

Puppy Bellies
{Download Puppy Bellies}
{Download LemonDrop}
Little Miss Priss
{Download Little Miss Priss}
BreakUp Season
{Download BreakUp Season}
{Download Archistico}
Toast and Eggs
{Download Toast and Eggs}
Next To Me
{Download Next To Me}
Vanessa Loves You
{Download Vanessa Loves You}
Life’s A Beach
{Download Life’s A Beach}
Eight Fifteen
{Download Eight Fifteen}
Be Still And Know
{Download Be Still And Know}

*None of these fonts are mine, or created by me.