15 Places People Forget To Clean In The Home


Cleaning can be a chore, and let’s be honest most don’t enjoy it. Below is a list of places people forget to clean in the home. These items can be simple, but we just tend to overlook them! All things in our homes need to be cleaned regularly!

Some things need more rigorous cleaning than others, and there are even a few appliances and systems that need more routine maintenance to keep them in working order.

See if you have a few items on this list, that you might have forgotten about like some of us! Some of the items below you might find yourself saying, “I never thought of cleaning that!”

Places People Look Over Cleaning

Between Appliances: In between the refrigerator and the counter can get pretty dirty. If your stove shows any space on the sides, behind your entertainment center. Just use a long duster or a vacuum attachment to tackle those small areas. If you don’t clean important appliance areas correctly, there is a chance that they can break down or cause a fire.

Sponges: All sponges need to be clean and replaced regularly. You need to clean your sponge by placing in a bowl of water and microwaving it for five minutes each day to every other. Or you can toss in the dishwasher. Sponges can contain lots of germs.

Behind Faucets: The backside of faucets can get build up. Create a paste with baking soda and water, and then drizzle a little vinegar on top once you have it covering the faucet. It will foam so be prepared.

Bath Mats: Your bath mats need to be cleaned regularly. If they are machine washable make sure you add them to the laundry rotation.

Light Switches and Door Knobs: Both of these get a lot of action, and that can lead to germs. Make sure to wipe them down with an antibacterial cleaner!

Electronics and Remotes: Electronics and remotes also get a lot of touches each week. Make sure to use an antibacterial wipe or spray to wipe these down. Just spray cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe down the buttons.

Refrigerator Doors: Make sure to wash or wipe down the handle doors on the fridge and freezer. They can contain a lot of bacteria. I suggest doing this each day.

Cabinet Handles: Again another item that gets looked over. Your hands could be dirty when you go to open them, and wiping them down regularly can help prevent buildup.

Cleaning Supplies: Have you ever thought to wipe down the outside of the cleaning supplies you use? Toilet bowl wand, duster, and so on. These need to be cleaned as well.

Brooms: Your broom is great at sweeping up dust but don’t forget it needs to be cleaned as well. Soak it in a bucket of warm water with some dish soap. Then rinse clean and let it air dry. If a nice warm day, then set it outside.

Ceiling Fans: Make sure to clean the blades on ceiling fans as they can collect a lot of dust. Take an old pillowcase and place it over the fan blade. Then use it to wipe off any dust or buildup. The dust will fall into the pillowcase instead of the floor. Then shake out the pillowcase and wash.

Humidifier: We use a humidifier when we are sick and in the wintertime. A lot of use can lead to your humidifier needing to be cleaned. Break down your humidifier and wipe down the inside of it. You will most likely have a slimy buildup. Soak the basin in water with a tablespoon of vinegar. Then wipe away any buildup. Wash the water reservoir.

Vacuum: Make sure to clean your vacuum regularly. I use a cordless vacuum and it works really well in my cleaning routine. It’s lightweight and I don’t have to keep plugging it into power sockets. I just turn it on and start vacuuming! Wipe down the outside to remove any dust. Take out the filters and wash them as directed per your vacuum. This can keep it running longer and extend the life.

Reusable Grocery Bags: If you use reusable grocery bags, make sure to gently wash or wipe them down every few months. They can get contaminated if there is a spill. If you carry meat in them, I do recommend wiping them down after each use. Then just let it air dry.

Storage Basket and Laundry Baskets: Both of these can collect a lot of dirt over time. Make sure to remove all contents and wipe them down every so often. Or if you have a basket with a lining then vacuum it out.

What do you think? Are any important ones missing?


  1. Also the garbage can…I work in food manufacturing and we scrub our garbage cans every night even though mostly empty veggie bags go in to them

  2. I wash my reusable shopping bags every other grocery trip. They can get so nasty over time.

  3. In all my years, I have never cleaned my broom. It’s like a total “duh” moment now that I’m reading this. I should have been cleaning it all along!

  4. I literally just went through and deep cleaned my home. I literally couldn’t believe all the places I didn’t think of on normal cleaning days.

  5. That’s a good reminder for all of us. We often forget about the cleaning materials as well. We definitely have to clean those too. I love that you mentioned the light switches and the door knobs, I forget to clean those!

  6. I haven’t thought of cleaning my broom. That is what I am going to do tomorrow. I will gather all my cleaning supplies and clean them or else I will only be spreading germs around the house. Thank you for the reminder.

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