15 Ways to Ease Morning Sickness


If you are expecting you might experience a little morning sickness every now and again. Or if you are like some, it might be a non-stop feeling on nausea for the first few weeks of pregnancy (this was me for ALL my girls!). Below are some ways to ease morning sickness, and help you get through it!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can be hard on a woman’s body. Some woman have no morning sickness at all, and others are sick non-stop their whole pregnancy. Regardless, in the end, you get to bring a beautiful bundle of joy home! I am here to help try and relieve that morning sickness with these tips below.

Tips to Help Ease Morning Sickness

  1. Eat Often: This is a big one, making sure to snack often is imperative. As soon as you get up, eat. Try to eat something small every thirty minutes to an hour. It can be a cracker, piece of cheese, nuts, whatever you can tolerate. Eating often will help reduce nausea.
  2. Protein Foods: Try and eat protein foods, nuts, meat, cheese. These will help curb nausea, and be good for your baby to have.
  3. Carbs: If you find that you can’t seem to get nausea to go away, eat carbs. Potatoes, bread, and so on. For some reason, carbs help tremendously in some women on slowing down nausea.
  4. Ginger: Eating ginger candies, drinking ginger ale, ginger tea, all of these can help. Ginger can help calm an upset tummy and by sucking on a candy or drinking tea can help soothe your stomach.
  5. Jolly Ranchers: This is one that a lot of expecting moms say to do, suck on Jolly Ranchers or other sour and sweet candies. The tartness helps a lot! They also make all natural hard candies meant for morning sickness you can suck on as well, similar to a jolly rancher.
  6. Drink: Make sure you are drinking enough water, this is a big one. If you get dehydrated that alone can cause tummy discomfort.
  7. Lemons: It has been said that sniffing a half of a lemon can help reduce nausea. You can also add lemon to your water!
  8. Speak Up: If your husband’s cologne is making you nauseated, tell him! Don’t sit in discomfort non-stop because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. You are so sensitive to smells and popcorn, bacon, cologne can all make you feel sick. So just speak up to try and lessen the morning sickness for you.
  9. Find Foods You Can Tolerate: If you find food that you can tolerate to eat, then make sure to keep it on hand. Some women only can eat a few things the first few weeks of pregnancy, and that is okay! Just eat what you know won’t make you sick.
  10. Cold Foods: Eating colder food over hot, seems to be calmer on pregnancy bellies. It tends to go over better. So grab a string cheese, salad, cottage cheese, or fruit to tide you over.
  11. Eat Before Bed: Make sure you eat before you head to sleep. This will help you not get so hungry through the night. If you wake up and feel famished, make sure to eat something small.
  12. Loose Clothing: Don’t wear things that are super tight around your belly, that can trigger morning sickness. So make sure you have maternity clothes on that are not pushing on your tummy.
  13. Relax: If possible when you are feeling very ill, lay down. Making sure you get enough rest is essential. So even if you can’t fall asleep, kick your legs up and take a break. Sip on some water and watch television or read a book.
  14. Distract Yourself: Try distracting yourself when you are feeling sick. This can help lessen the extreme nausea feeling. Go for a little walk, plan a design for the nursery, whatever can occupy your mind.

Prenatal Vitamins: Making sure you take your prenatal vitamins is so important. For some women, it can help lessen the morning sickness, and get you feeling more like yourself. But, it will provide nutrients to your baby when maybe you can eat much, or you are limited to three different foods.

Some women no matter what they do are sick their entire pregnancy; I hope that is not the case for you. If you find that you can seem to get relief, talk to your doctor. He can provide you with tips or even a medication to help.

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