The 2016 Six Time Mommy Holiday Gift Guide is Here!


So it’s now November which means it’s getting close to my all-time favourite time of year! Christmas and all the fun leading up to it is my favourite time of year. I love baking, I love all the decorations, I it’s the anticipation of my kids on Christmas morning, and all their reactions! I just love this time of year so much, it brings back a lot of memories of my childhood for me so it’s something I look forward to every year!

This year I decided since I failed miserably at my 2015, and 1st ever gift guide I was going to do a 2016 Holiday Gift Guide and stick to it. So far it’s gone well. I have some AMAZING gift ideas listed, and I am really excited for the many things I have left to add.

My gift guide is a little bit different. Pretty much every thing it has a blog post on Six Time Mommy with a review on. If something is listed without one, one will be coming at some point. I put everything on my list that I have used, my kids have used, or my husband! I take pride in the fact what I suggest is truly something our family uses and recommends!

If you are getting ready to start your 2016 Holiday Shopping, or are already in the swing of things but still need some idea take a few minutes to check out my Holiday Gift Guide! I promise, its well worth it! Items will be added daily/weekly until January!



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