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21 Must See Places in Ontario!

21 MUST see places in Ontario: are you looking to visit Ontario? Here is a list of 21 attractions, sights, museums and more you don't want to miss! -

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I am very proud of that and throughout my life have been able to explore around the Province and experience what it has to offer. I have had people online ask me what the heck there to do in Ontario and I’m always sitting there scratching my head because, in the moment I never know what to say – there is so many wonderful things to do, see and lots of beautiful landscapes all throughout Ontario to take in.

The truth is there is so much, I never know where to begin! So not only did I make a list to remind myself, but to share with you in case you ever want to take a trip to Ontario, here are 21 MUST SEE places you would absolutely have to check out!

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