4 Simple Tips for Going to the Movies With Kids

kidsmoviesI used to be one of those people who would roll their eyes at couples trying to control their kids in a packed movie theater. Currently, I am a parent who believes in the many benefits of ‘family time’. Learn to laugh at unrealistic expectations and planning ahead with these five tips that can make going to the movies with kids a success. Of course, we all love going to the movies, but sometimes it can be expensive. Movie tickets can soon add up and we can be spending a fortune. If the movies are too expensive for your family night out, there’s no reason you couldn’t consider staying at home and finding a movie to watch. I know a lot of families love Pixar movies as they are easy to follow and make for a great watch. However, there are just so many of them, how do you begin to choose one? Recently, Up was voted the number one movie for people to watch, so it might be worth trying to find a copy of that film as many people seem to love it. If you don’t have the budget for a trip to the movies, be sure to watch some in your home instead. However, it’s always nice to treat your children where possible, so try and go out to the movies sometimes. Here are some great tips to make sure your children behave themselves.

Bring them to the movies at the right time
Before you even get to the theater evaluate your kids. You want to bring your kids to the theater when you are happy and when they are happy to enjoy a happy time together. This cannot happen if they are hungry, tired, or cranky. They need to be dressed, with their hair done, and shoes on before you make this evaluation. Because we all know that can change in the process of just getting them decent to get out the door. Our family will attend movies a week or two after the release during the middle of the day. These are always the best movies because the theater is more empty and there is no stress about getting their earlier for good seats.

Review the rules on the way there
In our car, everyone has to say a rule out loud before anyone can get out of the car. These include rules like; ‘no yelling or running’, ‘no kicking the back of the seat in front of you’, or any other rule that your family has for public behavior. When your son yells during the emotional scene in the movie that he is out of popcorn; roll your eyes and remember he’s just a kid before you quietly remind him to whisper.

Get there early enough for everyone to use the restroom before the movie starts
This will make the movie more enjoyable if you go in knowing they started with an empty bladder. Having to take multiple kids out repeatedly, or even once, shortens your patience and makes you feel cheated in missing the movie you paid for.

Assigned seating
This has more to do with positioning a parent next to a child who might struggle in a movie. This doesn’t necessarily mean only the kids who struggle sitting still. It might also mean a sensitive child who might cry during the movie and need a hand to hold.

Do you have any tips you think you could add to this list?

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