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4 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Chores


Kids and chores – there are two things that might not seem to mix. Many parents have expressed frustration over children who don’t want to do their chores, complain about doing chores, or don’t do them correctly out of defiance. What if there was a way to get your kids so excited about chores, they can’t wait to do them? Of course, there are ways to encourage your children to do some work around the house. However, it’s important that parents remember they probably won’t do a very good job. Kids don’t know how to clean properly, so some jobs should be kept for adults or professionals to do. For example, window cleaning should be done by the parents or by a professional window cleaning company. As windows can get very dirty, it’s important that they are cleaned quite regularly. Be sure to keep the kids away from those difficult jobs.

Here are four ways to get your kids excited about chores:

Have Them Help With The Chore Picking Process
When kids feel more in control over the chores they have to do and the process involved, they will be more likely to get excited about doing them. Sit together and discuss the chores that need done around the house and let your kids help in picking which ones they feel like they can handle. Always encourage them and let them know that you believe in them and their ability to do their chosen tasks. This will give them more motivation.

Do Them Together
Children of all ages love to spend time with their parents (despite what you may sometimes think) and chores are more fun when done as a team. You can do your chores alongside one another and you might sing, dance, or play music while you do it. It can also be a good chance to talk about your day. You can get some great quality time with your children while doing chores and you’ll have them looking forward to this part of their day every day.

Use a Reward System
Whether it’s a weekly or monthly allowance, a “prize box” or a special weekly dinner, you should create some type of reward system for your kids. When they have the opportunity to work toward a goal, they will be more self-motivated. You won’t need to nag or remind them a lot – they’re already be doing it themselves.

Make it Fun
You may need to put on your creativity hats for this one, or encourage your kids to help you think of great ideas. Stay open-minded about it. As long as they are getting the work done, let them have fun with it. You might put dusting mittens on your child’s feet or hands and let her “skate” around the house, or maybe you blast music and dance with the broom. You could hide coins or other treats around places that need to be cleaned and dusted and your child will only find them if they really look in all those dirty places. What ideas can you come up with to make cleaning and chores fun?

With these four ways to get your kids excited about chores, there’s no reason for anyone to miss out. You will feel more relaxed as you have more help around the house and your kids will be learning independence and responsibility. It’s a win-win all around!

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