5 Alternative Uses For Lemons

5 Alternative Uses for Lemons: Amazing uses for this sweet, and sour fruit! - sixtimemommy.comLemons! Let’s think spring! Lemons have tons of alternative uses around your home. Check out these uses to try next time you’ve got old lemons sitting around. (You may even want to purchase more than normal to use them for some of these great ideas!)

Sanitize Jewelry
Soak jewelry in lemon juice mixed with water, (more water than juice!) for a few minutes. This will not only sanitize it, which is needed for things such as earrings that will get very dirty after a while, but it will also make it shine and easier to polish.

Use it instead of bleach.
You can use lemon juice as you would use bleach. Both in cleaning and in laundry, lemon juice is a healthy non-toxic alternative. Add in ½ cup to laundry or a bucket of water for laundry or cleaning. It will also keep colors well in laundry.

Bring your nails back to life.
If your nails are looking yellow and seem to crack often, try soaking them in lemon juice. Be sure that you don’t have any cuts around them before doing this! The lemon will not only whiten your nails but it will also strengthen your nails so that they stop breaking and cracking so frequently as they grow out. You can repeat soaking them a few times a week for the best results.

In the humidifier
Putting a few drops(or as much as you prefer) of lemon juice into the humidifier will not only aid in relieving congestion and other ailments, it will also make the room smell fresh and help to keep moisture in the air when needed. It has also been said that it will have relaxing qualities to aid in relaxation and sleep at night.

Revive cutting boards
If your old wooden cutting boards are looking like it’s time to replace them, or smelling like it’s time to throw them out, try using lemon to revive and clean them. Cut a lemon in half and use it as you would a sponge to clean your cutting boards. You will want to rinse it with water as well so that it doesn’t become sticky. The lemon juice will not only sanitize and clean it, but for wooden boards it will rehydrate the wood making it look refreshed.

What about you, Have you ever used Lemons for something more than taste?

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