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5 Fun Activities For Earth Day + Contest

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Ranger Rob. As always, opinions are all my own.

April showers bring May flowers! I know we’ve all heard the saying. It’s pouring rain here today and rain is in the forecast all weekend. Which is terrible for us because it’s Earth Day weekend (April 22nd) and every year we like to get out and pick up garbage around our neighborhood and if the weather is good we like to plant flowers. Sadly, that won’t be happening this year so instead, we decided to plant some flowers in pots and once they start to grow the weather should be good enough for us to transfer!

If you are like us and like looking for things to do to better your neighborhood and do good for our Earth then you’ve come to the right place. I’m excited to share that we’ve partnered with Ranger Rob for this post, and will be sharing a fun contest (scroll down) you will want to enter before Earth Day is over.

Justin LOVES Ranger Rob. So when they sent us some goodies he couldn’t wait to get planting. The weather, has been less than stellar however, it’s raining at present and it’s no where near planting time yet as the ground is still too hard to break. So, we decided we’d set up on the front step and get to work. We’ve done this in the past and works well, we plant them in little containers and once they start to grow and are where we need them, we switch them into the garden our our planters out front. Justin was thrilled, he threw on his Ranger Rob hat and got quickly to work.

He had lots of fun telling me all about Ranger Rob and his adventures. He says he’s like Ranger Rob because he loves being outside and discovering new things! If you haven’t seen Ranger Rob yet we encourage you to check it out, it’s currently on Netflix and Treehouse!

Are you looking for some fun things to do with your family this Earth Day? Want to get the kids involved and show them why it’s important we are taking care of our surroundings that help impact the earth? Here is a list of 5 fun ideas you can do this Earth Day with your family:

  1. Clean up outside: Picking up trash is something I’ve done every Earth Day since becoming a mom. I find it’s extremely important to show my kids how much trash is just disregarded, and why it’s important we clean it up even if no one else will.
  2. Watch films about the earth: To go with idea #1 showing our kids the impact we have can be a challenge when they don’t really get the whole picture. Showing them films such as Revolution, A turtles tale, and for the bigger kids who need to see the bigger impact the 11th hour is one I found to be something else.
  3. Plant: Planting trees, and even small shrubs can be fun. Flowers and explaining to kids how worms help when gardening, and showing them how to plant a vegetable garden if you live where the weather permits can show kids how growing your own food can help the plant by knowing what is being put on your veggies, and not using harsh chemicals that pollute our environment. Don’t forget that maintaining trees is a big part of helping them grow too.
  4. Do a scavenger hunt: There are fun ones you can do but there are also some educational ones you can do too that help children learn about our environment and how we can help it!
  5. Go on a bike ride: Instead of heading somewhere as a family in the car, hop on your bikes. While doing so explain why even just riding your bikes on earth day can help make an impact!

This Earth Day we’ll be doing all we can to educate our kids on the importance of our environment and how doing our part can help save not only wild life, but the quality of life and our planet for the future.

About Ranger Rob:

Ranger Rob follows ranger-in-training Rob around the Big Sky Park, the coolest natural adventure park imaginable, as he ziplines, swings, and snowboards discovering and exploring all that the park has to offer. Big Sky Park is a one-of-a kind place with every kind of outdoor environment within its borders and each episode takes viewers on a new adventure, cultivating the spirit of exploration and curiosity, and inspiring kids to get outside to play and discover.



This month, Ranger Rob has launched a special Earth Month contest over on the official Instagram and Facebook pages.

To enter on facebook, visit here.

To enter on instagram, visit here.

Want to do a scavenger hunt with your family? Be sure to download this printable.

Many thanks to the folks at Ranger Rob for sending us a care package to help us celebrate Earth Day!

HAPPY EARTH DAY, and please remember to do your part!

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