5 of The Best Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

5 of the Best non-toy gift ideas for KIDS! - sixtimemommy.comOur home was being overtaken by toys. It was becoming overwhelming and felt like a disease on our home we couldn’t control. They were everywhere, even some in our master bedroom. It was a constant struggle and fight telling our kids every day to pick up their toys. I was tired of the fight and soon I took action on my many threats of just throwing everything away.

Now, I didn’t actually throw all my kids toys away, but soon said whatever they didn’t clean up I boxed up and stored away with the intent that I could use them later on as rewards. I was surprised to find they completely forgot about those toys and realized that there wasn’t a need to have as many things as we did. They hardly paid attention to all their toys and it was time to take back our home.

The thing is though, when the holidays or birthday rolled around this is when the explosion of toys is at its worse. Family and friends would ask what my children would like for their birthdays and I would cringe at telling them anything because I knew they would play with it for a short time and soon it would be a forgotten toy that they refuse to clean up. Here are some options I came up with that are great non-toy gifts for kids.

A membership to the Zoo or Museum: There are wonderful attractions near our city and getting a membership at one of these local places is a fantastic gift. Many times, my kids really only last maybe a couple hours so having a membership allows us to come multiple times without me feeling like we didn’t get our money’s worth. Many of these places have great activities and events for children that change monthly.

Family Activities: A gift card to the movies, bowling or this type of activity is a great gift. They are perfect to use on a rainy day and when you have multiple children having a gift card to offset some of the cost helps out a lot. My kids love going to the movies or bowling and it is a great way to spend time as a family together. They love doing it with their parents now, but I can see them getting into their teenage years and wanting to go to the bowling alley themselves! If your kids love to bowl too, check out this website to see what bowling balls are best for them, who knows you could have a champ on your hands, and you only want the best for your kids!

Classes: There are so many different sports and activities that my children want to try out, with one of them recently showing a keen interest in wanting to take piano lessons after he had read about the illustrious careers of the best piano players that the world has ever seen. After hearing about his interests, I just knew that I had to do something about it, which is when a thought came into my mind. Surely, getting a gift certificate for different activities will give my kids experiences that are way better than toys? Children also tend to get super excited whenever you mention the beach or water-related activities to them. A keen interest in adventure or water sports is a good indicator that your child may enjoy learning to surf, or if they already do, then spending some extra time with the waves. Consider enrolling them in a surf camp where they get to build new skills while also learning about ocean safety and having lots of fun! Many of these types of camps take place almost regularly, like this 5-day Full-Day Surf Camp in San Diego that gives children surf time that they would enjoy. Other than that, Cooking, Piano, Karate, Soccer, Gymnastics there are so many different options you can discuss and as a surprise sign them up for!

Monthly kit for kids: There are great kits out there that children can receive monthly. With Kiwi Crate, they send a box every month with a craft inside. These crafts are great because they encourage creativity and learning. Another monthly kit is Little Passports. This is a monthly adventure kit where you can learn about a different country or state each month. Not only are these kits highly entertaining and engaging, kids love to get things in the mail that is just for them. One of our faves is Cooper & Kid.

Tickets to a Show, Concert or Play: Often there are great shows or plays on around town. Finding out dates and times is easy, so simply see if you can find one around the time of the occasion. If it’s a birthday and you find a play or show that you’d like to take them to but its a few weeks away – you can even print the tickets off, put them in a nice little box, wrap it and then they have something to open and something to look forward to!

What do you think is a great non-toy gift to give? What do you give for those special Birthdays?

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