5 Pregnancy Must-Do’s!


Pregnancy can be a different experience for women. One woman could love it while the other may not care for it. But it is one beautiful experience, nonetheless. While there are many not so pleasing side effects of pregnancy, it is kind of amazing to know that you are growing another human being inside your body. While you may love being pregnant or loath it, there are some must dos that every pregnant soon-to-be mommy should check off.

Here is our list of 5 Must do’s of Pregnancy:

  • Get a prenatal massage. You may be wondering how in the world you are going to be able to get a message when there is absolutely no way you can lay on your stomach. You may also be wondering if this is something that you would even enjoy. Trust me, you will love it and want to go back a few more times. After I had my babies, there was no need for a prenatal massage but I loved it so much, I’ve ended up getting the best massage frisco offers and getting a similar massage. When you have kids, you definitely need some me time and this massage gives me exactly that. Prenatal massages are a great way to relax and to give those muscles that are working hard during your pregnancy some relief. A prenatal massage is given to a woman when she is on her side. The work one side and then you flip over to the next. This is a great experience to do in the third trimester.
  • Keep working out. Under your doctor’s advisement, if you are already pretty active, keep working out during your pregnancy. While it may feel harder or you may even need to adjust your workouts down a couple of levels now that you are pregnant, it is important to keep being active. Not only will it help you feel better during your pregnancy, you will feel better after you give birth as well. Keeping active during pregnancy will help you get back into shape after pregnancy.
  • Have a maternity photo shoot. Many women may not feel especially beautiful with their large belly and swollen ankles but a maternity photo shoot is one that you will not regret. Photographers (like this Olga Topchii Photographer) are great at getting the best and most flattering photo of you and your belly. And while you may feel like you may not want to remember yourself as this big, a few years from now, you will take great joy and accomplishment of what your body was able to do. So schedule that photo shoot and take as many pictures of that growing belly as you can.
  • Splurge on a good maternity pillow. The bigger you get the harder it will be for you to get comfortable enough to catch some Zzzz. Once you find that perfect maternity pillow, it will make all the world of a difference. Try a few out and see which one fits as well as supports your body the most.
  • Relax and Enjoy it. Although for some women pregnancy is less enjoyable, I find relaxing and just enjoying the little movements, big hard kicks and my growing belly to be re-assuring. I’ve dealt with extreme sickness, high fatigue and even the most ridiculous pains – but I still enjoy it. The end result is so very worth it. After miscarriages the little things that may annoy others brings me great pleasure and reassurance. Just remember – no one is pregnant forever and the end is near!

If you’ve veer been pregnant what were some of your must-do’s?

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