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5 Tips for Getting Organized for Back to School

school1It’s just about time to go back to school for the kiddos, mine head back on September 8th! Probably the most dreaded time of year for kids because they just don’t want their Summer to end! Back to School can be a really difficult, stressful time of the year! You have to worry about getting the kids new school clothes, new school shoes, all their school supplies, and preparing for the change in schedule! I try to be as organized as I possibly can be and school is definitely something that requires being organized! Whether you’re the one actually in school or you’re the mom that needs to be organized for your child, these tips should really help with getting and staying organized this school year!

Color Coordinate: No matter what grade you are in whether it is elementary school, middle school, high school, or even college you probably have at least a few different classes! I like to personally color coordinate my supplies for each class! For example, you can get a folder or binder and maybe a notebook in a different color for each class. This way you don’t have to flip through your folders and binders to figure out which class it is for, you can simply go by color and know which you’re grabbing for!

Accordian File Folder for Homework: A great way to organize your nightly homework is to get an accordian file and make a section for each class. This way you can just jump right into your homework when you get home and you won’t need to shuffle through anything, this also helps to not let you forget about any of your assignments! There is plenty of file sections so you could even separate pending assignments versus completed assignments.

Get Binders for Each Class and Separators: I find that the best way to store everything for each class! You are able to put all your papers into the binder, as well as a notebook or anything like that for the class. You can get dividers within your binder and separate it into sections, like notes, assignments, graded papers, etc.

Buy a Planner: I highly highly recommend buying a yearly planner for your schooling! This will help you to keep your assignments, tests, friends and family birthdays, and any other dates you may need to remember! This can go back to color coordinating as well, you can get colored pens and use the coordinating color for each class to write out your assignments and tests for each class!

Write out a Schedule: I find that writing a little schedule out for the school week is really helpful as well! By this I mean this really for like after school! You can block out timing for an after school snack, homework, dinner, and maybe even a little playing/tv time! This way everything gets done that is supposed to, and the kids can also have a bit of fun!

I hope that these tips help you to stay a bit more organized, be stress free, and have a great school year!

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