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5 Ways to Support New Parents

supportnewparentsThere are so many ways to support new parents, and supporting new parents is vitally important in allowing them to enjoy their new little bundle of joy. Paying it forward makes the world go round, remember when you were a first time parent? The struggle was real. The lack of sleep led to exhaustion and, if you have more than one child, the inexplicable question of how you were going to have the energy for your newborn baby’s sibling. Becoming a parent for the first time is a difficult transition for first time parents as well as second and third time parents; every newborn brings a whole new level of challenges.

With that being said, there are ways to pay it forward and support new parents, I am going to share with you 5 ways to support new parents so that they may enjoy their new baby more often and have energy to take care of their other children (if they have more than one)

5 Ways to Support New Parents:

  • Drop off Food – the number one way to support new parents is to drop off food. Some suggestions would be meals that you created in toss away baking sheets that can be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer so that the new parents simply have to uncover, bake and eat, as most new parents know, preparing a nice home cooked meal in that first week back home is nearly an impossible feat.
  • Offer to Babysit Siblings – the next best way to support new parents who have more than one child, is to offer to babysit the older children for free and take them to do something fun. The adjustment of having a newborn in the home is not just something the new parents are dealing with, the older siblings have to adjust and usually get less attention when the newborn arrives.
  • Be a Listening Ear – the third best way to support new parents is to simply listen, even if the new parents have been here before, parents often forget what comes with raising a newborn and sometimes they simply want to vent, ask questions or discuss subjects that are important to them. Being a listening ear to new parents really assists in alleviating tension for them and thus allows them to be more relaxed new parents.
  • Help with Mail or Small Tasks – the fourth best way to help new parents is to lend your time to them to assist in sorting their mail, help mail their bill payments or help them write thank you notes for their baby shower gifts. Just ask if they would like any assistance and give them an hour of your time simply completing some small tasks to free up their responsibilities during this new parents transition stage.
  • Continue Lending a Helping Hand – no matter how long someone has been a new parent, you can never help too much. Continue to ensure that the new parents are feeling less frazzled by genuinely being there for support, help and an ear to listen whenever they may need you. Do not overstep boundaries, simply make sure the new parents know you are available for them to help make the newborn baby days easier.

When you support new parents, you are paying it forward, and in turn carving a path to lead by example. The awesome thing that happens when a person decides to help another is that the new parents you just helped, may just do the same when they find a new parent along the path in their life because they will remember how much you did to support them during their new parent chapter.

Have you helped new parents before? or could you have used some help as a new parent? Share!