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5 Ways to Support Other Bloggers {and why it’s so important!}

5 Ways to Support Other Bloggers {and why it's so important} Tips on how you can support other bloggers, and help grow your blog in the process! -

I’ve seen the question asked a few times, “Shouldn’t I just focus on my own blog and no one else’s?” the answer is simple.. No. You shouldn’t just focus on your own blog because not only is supporting other bloggers a nice thing to do it does actually help you and your blog.

How so? Because we are a community and without other bloggers, there wouldn’t be many commenters – or posts to comment on, great content and other posts like this one to help! It’s important to support one another and connect so we can all help build our community, and you may even find yourself making new friendships and gaining new readers. You’d be surprised by the power of bloggers, sharing and connecting. Great content makes a great blog, but great marketing, readers and connections help too a lot!

There are so many different bloggers out there with different interests and some even share the same as you. I really enjoy reading other blogs, leaving comments and hearing from them too! I find joy in speaking to other bloggers, and even helping when I can if I can.


Follow other bloggers on Social Media: I find this to be a great way to connect with other bloggers but also be able to share my content, and theirs. It can be as simple as sending instagram dms online to another blogger, in the hopes of starting new relationships via social media. I like re-tweeting articles I find my readers may enjoy, and if they feel so inclined to do the same back to me, that’s a bonus!

Visit other blogs often: I love reading a good blog. If you find a few you like to make sure to visit often! When I find blogs I like I usually bookmark them, add them to blogrolls, or follow them if they have the option. Visiting blogs is great, but if you don’t engage how will they know you were there? No one likes boring four word comments. Those are spammy and don’t mean much to anyone. Be sure to leave at least two sentences, and make the sentences relevant to the actual blog post.

Connect with other bloggers: Send them a tweet, re-tweet one of their tweets, re-pin one of their pins! Join some Facebook groups for blogging, or create your own! Like some Instagram posts, this is a great way to get follow backs, but if you are struggling with followers on Insta, you could try this instagram followers app. Anyway, don’t be afraid, most bloggers are extremely friendly and enjoy engaging as well!

Explore your options with other bloggers: See if they offer giveaways you can be apart of or if they are looking for any contributors. If they do let them know you are interested and see if they’ll take a look at your work! This is a great way to get your name out there, and also be apart of a blog you admire.

Write up a post showing your favorite bloggers: I’ve done this before. Not only does it give your readers new blogs to read if they haven’t discovered them already, but it also shows the other bloggers you enjoy their work!

How about you, how do you like showing support to other bloggers?