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6 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

6 Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad Will LOVE! -

Father’s everywhere are expecting the classic tie and coffee mug that is traditional at this time of year, but these Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas are going to knock their socks off! Not only will they find out how you have picked up on their hints about things outside the norm, you will be able to make or buy these items on a limited budget.

Build them a tackle box. For under $15 you can find a simple tackle box and fun tackle at the local sporting goods store. Let your kids help you pick out colorful or fun looking items to include in their tackle box. While they may not use everything included, it’s the thought behind it they will love. If the father in your life is a fisherman, he will love having fun new things to try, and especially love that you thought about his favorite pastime.

Buy them tickets to a local game. If the father in your life is a huge sports game find out where he can go to a local minor league baseball game this summer. Tickets are usually inexpensive, and if you can find one of his buddies willing to go along even better!

Give them a massage. From kids walking on their back to mom setting aside a special time for a full body massage, most dads would love to be pampered a little bit themselves. Long hours at work and more physical labor than their partners usually ends up with tired muscles that could use some massage therapy.

Schedule a tour of a brewery. Brewery’s and distilleries are usually a low cost frugal Father’s Day gift idea that will thrill the dad in your life. For just a few dollars they can go watch the process up close, and maybe even test out a few local craft beers they wouldn’t have tried before.

Detail his car. Most guys are pretty pick about how their car looks, but many don’t have time to give it a full detail. Spend time with the kids going over the car with a fine tooth comb to get it spotless. Vacuum, dust, shine, wash and wax as needed to give him a gorgeous ride he will proud to ride in this week.

Host a movie marathon just for him. Set aside the time to grab the DVD’s for Rambo, Terminator or whatever macho movie he loves the most. Pop the popcorn, make his favorite dessert or buy his favorite drinks and settle in to watch his favorite movies with him, regardless of how much you hate them.

When it comes time to recognize the men who help raise our children, we often forget that they are unique individuals who have unique passions, needs and desires just like us. Even if you are on a limited budget, these frugal Father’s Day gift ideas will give them something they will love. They will always enjoy the somewhat cheesy cards and hand prints made by the kids, but more than that they will love the thought put behind these unique gifts.

What are you planning to get dad for Father’s Day this year?