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7 Ways to Take Learning Outdoors During the Warmer Months

7 Ways to Take Learning OUTDOORS During the Warmer Months! - sixtimemommy.comSitting at the kitchen table for every homeschooling activity can get incredibly boring. It’s time to take homeschooling outside this spring and summer, but how? Here are some tips for taking your homeschooling outdoors. Even if you don’t homeschool, these are some great ways to take some extra learning at home outside!

Create an Outdoor Learning Space
Since the spring and summer offer nice weather most of the time, create an outdoor learning space for your family. This can be anything as simple as using a set of outdoor tables and chairs. If you have something to shade your tables and chairs, you’ll be really set. With an outdoor learning space set up, your family can enjoy bringing any  lesson outdoors.

Take a Walk Outdoors/Explore Parks You’ve Never Been to Before
Walking and exploring is a great way to take homeschooling outdoors this summer. If you live on a big property, you are already set for hiking and exploring. However, some of you may need to look up local parks to begin your outdoor hiking adventures.

Create a Garden That the Whole Family Can Get Involved In
A garden is one fun learning experience that any family can get involved in. Whether you want to create a large garden or a small garden, it’s a great way to bring homeschooling outdoors this summer.

Utilize the Landscaping Around You
Trees, bushes, flowers, and mulch are one way to ‘dig’ into homeschooling. Have the whole family start a landscaping project. Start by creating a master plan and move onto budgeting, and next you will want to work on executing the landscaping plan.

Create an Outdoor Water Oasis
Water is one of the best parts of summer. Bring homeschooling to life outdoors this summer by making everything about water. Complete a study on water, spend time in water, and create things using water. Of course, you can write, journal, and document everything you learn during this fun water learning process.

Try Your Very Own Science Experiments Outdoors
There are tons of science experiments just waiting to be completed…outdoors. Make a list of scientific experiments your family would like to try this summer and give them a whirl!

Give Geo-Caching a Try
If you’ve never been geo-caching, this is a must for an outdoor homeschooling activity. Try and see how many geo-caches your family can find by summer’s end. Geo-caching is free and all it takes is some ingenuity and thinking skills!

What are some ways you take learning outdoors during the warmer months?