8 Crazy Fun Ideas To Try With The Kids


Not sure what to do with your kids this weekend? Maybe they’re on a school holiday break and have nothing to do. Nothing stresses parents more than having a house full of kids who all simultaneously decided to be bored out of their minds. Instead of plugging them next to a computer, a game console or television, how about you try some amazingly crazy fun activities so you and your kids can let your combined imagination explode?

Create A Fort: Grab a bunch of blankets, bed sheets, and cardboard boxes and you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to create the perfect indoor fort for you and your kids. Now you just need a few throw pillows to accessorize and the fun can finally begin. They’ll probably be lost building the perfect fort for hours, giving you enough time to focus on resting while at the same time, playing around with them. Want to make it even more fun? With the snow falling in many places – if you have snow go outside and create a snow fort!

Sleep In A Tent: Buy a tent, but not one of those flimsy ones, but an actual tent or ask any of your friends to lend you one. Set it up in the backyard, where it’s safe. And if at some point your kids get scared or it rains, they can always come back inside. If you’re feeling adventurous, join them and sleep in the patio tent too, and have a blast telling each other scary ghost stories.

Create Digital Art: Buy your kids artwork and they’ll appreciate it for about an hour. Teach them how to design something basic on Photoshop or some other software that lets you create art and graphics, (like Canva, which is super easy to use) and you’ll teach them a valuable skill that will last forever. Once they’re done, have them print their design, or beautiful quotes, frame it and give it someone you both like, just because making people happy is a beautiful thing.

Make Handmade Gifts: Teach your kids the value of handmade gifts, because they’re the best since they come from the heart. It could be a hand or footprint apron, a finger-painting, or a tile coaster with a design of your child’s choosing, but make sure they decide what they want to create, so give them free reign.

Shoot A Home Movie: Shoot an amateur film that’s both silly and cheap. Sit down with them and have them create the characters, and have the whole family participate, and yes, that includes the dog. Now guide them through a super simple storyline with a funny punchline at the end. Then edit it with Windows Movie Maker, (it’s super simple and free) and add some music for added effect.

Have A Scavenger Hunt: Make that day, a fun and challenging one and do an A to Z scavenger hunt where you have to find something that starts with every letter, or a fitness hunt, where if your child finds an object, he has to do 10 jumping jacks before searching for his next clue.

Write A Book: Help them to write and illustrate their own book. It doesn’t have to be a best seller either. Now publish it into an actual hardcover book using a site like IlluStory, and voila! Your kid is an instant published author. Now they can start thinking of the next project to publish.

Create Your Own Olympics: Get your kids to embrace their Olympic spirit with a series of indoor and outdoor activities. Get creative with the opening ceremony, make a country flag using coloured construction paper and markers, have a relay race, perform gymnastic routines, bake some Olympic treats and make your own medals for an Olympic good time.

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