8 Tips for Frugal Fun This Summer

8 AMAZING tips for FRUGAL fun this summer! -

With summer now in full swing, parents need frugal fun ideas and fast. What will your kids do for the next 10-12 weeks? It can be hard to make money stretch during the time off. I know of some parents that take second jobs so that they can afford to do all of the activities that their children want to do. One mom mentioned that she gambles throughout the year on sites like and saves up her winnings in preparation for the holidays. I don’t tend to have good luck when it comes to gambling, so just try and pinch the pennies throughout the months. Check out these tips for having frugal fun this summer, without spending a ton of extra money.

Buy a Pass
Local zoo passes and water park passes may be your one shot at frugal fun this summer. For under $100, you can give your whole family something to do this summer. There’s typically no limit on the amount of times you can attend the zoo or water park, once you buy a pass. If money is tight, there are still some ways you can save towards a pass. For example, if you have a car then you may want to reconsider whether your insurance is the best deal you could be getting. This could be achieved by contacting an insurance broker like Staveley Head.

Utilize Water
Most of the time water from your home is fairly cheap. It is the ultimate secret to frugal fun for the summer. Create fun activities using water, like a kiddy pool, slip n’ slide, or an obstacle course. The truth is water can give families tons of fun without spending tons of money.

Attend Local Parks
Local parks are a great way to have frugal fun this summer. Picnics, playing ball, and playing on the playground equipment are all ways to have fun this summer (for free).

Share Expenses With Other Parents
If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on activities, consider sharing the cost with other parents. Heading to a water park for the night is a lot less expensive when you split the expenses. Also, one family could bring snacks while the other family brings drinks.

Stay Local
Traveling far away for fun can allow costs to really add up. Pick a radius that you’re okay driving and stick with it. There are typically fun things to do in your town, you just need to find out what they are.

Invest in Second Hand Outside Toys
Outdoor toys are a great way to give your kids fun without spending money. Any sort of outdoor play equipment works wonders for kids. Sometimes they’re just unsure of what to do outside. Help them use their imagination to play on their outside toys. This will help keep them busy throughout the summer, but also allow them to have fun. Perhaps building a club house out of recycled wood is in your future this summer?

Make it Educational
There are always museums or educational events that you can attend to help keep the fun a little more frugal this summer. Look out for free events to help keep costs low. Learning and having fun this summer is possible, you just have to look for the right opportunities.

Get Creative
Let’s face it, there are some days when you’re just going to need to get creative. There won’t always be a place to go that’s frugal, which is why you’ll need to get super creative. Think about all of the things you loved to do as a child during those summer months and introduce your child to the frugal fun.

And if your family doesn’t want to always be frugal, look for ways to make extra cash to do the really fun stuff. Have a garage sale or sell lemonade to get the extra money to make a special trip this summer.

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