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A Perfect Gift For Him – Custom Cigar Bands Review

A Perfect Gift For Him - Custom Cigar Bands Review: Keepsake or Fun with his buddies these will be a SURE hit!  - sixtimemommy.comDo you have a man in your life that is hard to buy for? Picky, Doesn’t generally want much? Well, I do. My husband is very hard to buy for.  I struggle when it comes to Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and any other holidays that usually gifts are given on. So when I got the chance to order Custom Cigar Bands for review I thought it would be perfect for his upcoming 40th Birthday!

He isn’t a cigar user regularly, so I thought for a Birthday keepsake it would be a great idea! So I had these custom cigar bands made for him on his 40th!

cigars1I plan on putting them in a gift box with some other items. A 40th Birthday is a big deal (at least I think it is!) so why not get him something that he will enjoy, and personalize it? Men can be hard to buy for and this gift is manly, right?


I thought so. From the photos on the website I think they are suppose to go around the actual out of package cigar, but I didn’t want to unwrap them. I’ll let him.

About The Cigar Bands:
Label Dimensions: 3.25″ x 1.13″ Specially designed to fit cigar sizes ranging from 42-60 gauge. Very easy to customize. Just simply select the bands you want, click personalize and you are done! Shipping was very quick, and the quality is wonderful. 16 Cigar labels come in one pack, perfect for a Party souvenir or gift bag!

What I ordered:
Vintage Dude 30th Birthday Cigar Bands – customized for him.

Where to buy and Price:
You can purchase here from iCustomlabel – price for these bands is $24.99

cigars2I think they are pretty witty too! Vintage Dude, Aged 40 years – The Man, The Myth, The Legend. AWESOME.

My husband hasn’t seen them yet. I’m hoping to surprise him on his Birthday. I’m not sure if we are having people over for his big day, but if so I plan on including these on  his day for everyone. I think it’s such a fun and different idea for men, especially men who can be picky. I know my husband doesn’t usually want anything and when asked he asks for Socks or Cologne and who wants that for every single occasion? Surely he doesn’t. So hoping these will be a great gift souvenir for him for his big 40th!

I’m really impressed with the quality, quantity and how they turned out. It was hard not to show him when they did arrive because I was super excited about them. Hopefully he will be just as thrilled with them as I was!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.