Welcome! My name is Jeanine and I am the author of Six Time Mommy and Counting. I have 8 children born between 2003-2018. Four boys and four girls. We live in a small city called Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

I love kids, animals, baking, and crafts. To wind down at the end of the day I love a good bubble bath with a book. I also love binge-watching shows on Netflix such as Pretty Little Liars, The Good Wife, and The Good Place.

I work from home and absolutely love what I do!

Once upon a time ago, I was a teen mom. I’ve learned a lot over the years and have been sharing it on here since 2013.

I’m the youngest of 4 children and have been on my own since I was sixteen years old when my mom, and only parent, died of lung cancer at age 48. I got pregnant with my first child, a son when I was 17 years old.

My life since I was 17 years old has focused on my children. Growing up I always wanted eight kids and although I didn’t actually think I’d have that big family I wanted, I did know that being a mother was something I needed to do in life — and I’ve done it, in a big way.

I love spending time with my family and our big zoo of pets. We have three dogs, three cats, a guinea pig, and an Indian Ringneck parrot. I support lots of charities and love working with brands that I believe in.

About Six Time Mommy

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Six Time Mommy was created in November 2013. I wanted a place to be able to call my own, write what I wanted and share with others what I was going through as a mom to six. I wanted to connect with others who had similar interests and the possibility to work with brands was always at the back of my mind.

Although the title of this site has remained the same since opening, and our family has expanded and things have changed quite a bit here over the years. I created Six Time Mommy in 2013 as an outlet and way to connect with others after having my 6th child, and it’s grown to what it is today.

I have been a contributor on PTPA, Women’s Daily, Simply Stacie and Masshole Mommy

My oldest son decided a couple years ago he didn’t want to be a focus of the blog, so you won’t see many photos of him on Six Time Mommy moving forward. Although my kids love being apart of Six Time Mommy, they aren’t forced and will only appear in content they want to be in and agree to!

For more about my kids please visit, here.

Just a Few Brands We’ve Partnered With Over the Years:

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