Absolute Must-Haves For The 2nd Trimester


I made it! I’m now in my 2nd trimester in my twin pregnancy and I can’t believe how slow it went by. HAHA. Yes, I’m so serious. People often say how fast time is flying by or how quickly pregnancies zoom by but that isn’t the case for me this time around. It’s going as slow as it possibly can. Although I can sit here and complain about that all day, I want to share with you my Absolute Must-Haves for the 2nd Trimester.

I have been so thankful for thus far for all of these things below and I will have them all by my side from now until delivery. I’ve gone through 9 pregnancies now so I know what works for me and what I’ve slacked on for most of my pregnancies, but this time? There will be no slacking here!

Absolute Must-Haves for the 2nd Trimester

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  • Cake Maternity Leggings – I have this pair, cookie maternity leggings. They are amazing and not only the softest leggings I’ve ever owned but they are so comfortable which I’m having a hard time finding lately when it comes to clothes. Keep a close eye on the blog in the next few weeks as I will be writing and sharing more about Cake Maternity.
  • Pharmedoc U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – I ordered this when I was 8 weeks pregnant and it has been my absolute favourite purchase out of ALL my pregnancies. I cannot sleep without it now, and I get such a better sleep now. While it’s still not the best, my comfort level when I’m snuggled up in this pillow is second to none!
  • OMORC Sports Water Bottle – I struggle to drink enough daily, but add pregnancy in there and it’s worse. So, this water bottle on one side shows the hours of the day with a motivational message to keep chugging along, and it’s gorgeous. It’s also BPA free and I’ve dropped it, as have my kids so many times and no breaking. It’s 32oz and on the cheaper side of these types of bottles too!
  • Comfy Bras – I bought a pack of these when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, and then bought a 2nd pack at 9 weeks pregnant. They are amazing. So comfortable. I used them with my last two babies two, but only had 3 of them each, I now have 10 and will recommend them to anyone who will listen. These bras? Are a must. They are nursing bras, so you don’t have to buy bras for pregnancy as your breasts are growing them more once baby(ies) arrive. PERFECT.
  • Fetal Doppler – I had one for my last two babies, and they bring such comfort to me knowing I can listen to my babies’ heartbeats whenever I want, or if I need a little reassurance. I purchased this one at 7 weeks this time around after getting rid of my old one, from Babies R Us. I found both babies’ heartbeats at 8 weeks this time, and my previous babies I found them at 10 weeks and 12 weeks. They are so worth the investment. Especially to those of s who have been through pregnancy loss, it’s really comforting to have.


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