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Flash Giveaway - sixtimemommy.comIf there’s one thing us women can agree on it’s menstrual pain SUCKS. For some, it can be so severe that it can disrupt day-to-day life. These women who suffer with serious pain will usually access pain relief to ensure that it doesn’t impact the quality of life, including methods like medicinal usage of marijuana or CBD oil. These medicines are commonly used to treat chronic pain relief, insomnia and swelling amongst other side effects so it seems like a good fit for many. Numerous women have reported a positive outcome in the reduction of pain from using cannabis, such as these hog extracts, for PMS. However, the usage of marijuana is completely up to the individual and is not something that every woman will want to do. As long as they know that it is out there for them if they so choose, on websites such as LaurelCrest and at their local dispensaries, but as always in these situations, they must first consult with their doctor. Sadly, for us, it’s a part of our life every single month for at least a week so we need to suffer through it. There are ways to deal with the pain, and annoyance of cramps though. Not everyone wants to pop pills over every little pain so this brings me to Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy.

allay2What is Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy?:

  • Drug-free
  • 24/7 Constant Relief
  • Treats Pain and Swelling at the Source
  • Sensation and Heat Free

How does Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy Work?:
Allay is a drug-free medical device which delivers low-level energy pulses into your abdominal region to lessen your cramps and alleviate your bloating and discomfort resulting from menstruation. Allay Menstural Therapy device is a revolutionary drug free pain relief device targeted to women who suffer from period pain. Using PEMF technology, the device send radio signals into the affected area and reduces inflammation while increasing blood-flow which relieves pain and discomfort. PEMF devices have been used in hospitals and by medical professionals for decades in a clinical setting.Using microchip technology the device has been reduced to a small wearable which can hardly be noticed once in place.

Clinical Study Results:
Over 77.1% of woman using Allay reported complete elimination or significant reduction in their typical menstrual symptoms.

Price and Where to Purchase:
You can purchase Allay in 7 day, or 10 day. 7 day is $9.95 and 10 month is $39.95. You can purchase here right off the Allay website. You can also find another location closest to you to purchase, here.

allay3My Miscarriage and Experience with Allay:
Well, I guess now is as good of time as any to mention I suffered a miscarriage over the weekend. We were expecting baby #7, but sadly it ended at week 6. So, I used this over the weekend. I didn’t have much pain, slight discomfort at times and I found Allay to be very helpful with that discomfort and I was extremely glad I had it to use and get some relief.

I would for sure recommend Allay to those who could use some relief from mensuration discomfort.

allay4FLASH GIVEAWAY! – Try Allay FREE!

Allay Menstrual Pain Therapy Giveaway

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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