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Alternative Allowances For Kids That Aren’t Money

Allowances! My kids love spending money and they have one specific chore each (all kids 7+) yet they always ask if they can do things to help me out or dad out around the house to earn some extra money! I’ll admit — I’m a sucker for my kids. When they want something I always try to make sure they get it, within reason. So if they ask to do extra things to help earn money to buy things themselves I’m all for it however my kids tend to buy the silliest things.

  • Slime ingredients
  • Tennis balls
  • Pokémon cards
  • Gum.

No, no, no! Let’s try something new.

So I decided to try giving alternatives to money. Giving experiences and exposure to things they may not think about but will feel proud and good about saving and spending their money on that they earned!

Five Alternative Allowances That AREN’T Money:

  • Let’s see a show: We don’t live too far from Toronto so if there is show playing, like Grease like I took both Ava and Kyla to separately – it’s something they will always remember.
  • Let’s take a trip to the movies: Let’s go see a flick of your choice! Spending a quality afternoon at the movies is a great experience and a great place to just be.
  • Let’s Pick a Charity: Donate. Time or items to a charity. My kids often pick food drives for those less fortunate or animal shelters.
  • Let’s GO: Hopping on the GO train we can explore other towns and cities around us. Letting them choose the destination makes them feel older, independent and like we are giving them a bit of choice. Mom or dad buys the tickets of course!
  • Theme Parks: This one is a big one right now. All the kids want to earn so they can head to Canada’s Wonderland this summer. Ride all the rides, eat all the delicious food and hit up the water park!

Of course none of these they can do themselves which is how I planned it. Having so many kids we do group things as a family but we also take kids out on one-on-one time and sometimes two-on-one times as well.

We always want all of our kids to feel equal and make sure they all have special time. So, not only are they learning the value of a dollar by doing this, they also get special quality time or family time – and an experience! They also get to learn how it feels to make their own money and be proud of that accomplishment while also helping out around the house doing something other than their regular chore.

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