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American Candy Exchange

American Candy Exchange - sixtimemommy.comAs some of you may or may not know I have been contributing over at Robin’s blog Mass Hole Mommy. I absolutely love it because she has been one of my favorite bloggers for a while now so contributing to her site is a huge deal to me! Well, we’ve become friends and not long ago I had an idea!

A few years ago a friend in the USA and I exchanged boxes of goodies that we could only get in our Country. It was so much fun and gave me chance to explore what the good ol’ US of A had to offer that Canada didn’t.

So I sent Robin an e-mail and asked her if she wanted to do this exchange with me and then we could blog about it. I was nervous at first that it would be a silly idea, but she was totally on board and so the shopping started. Our boxes arrived to each other a few weeks ago and here is what I got!

exchange1I opened my box and my kids eyes just LITT up! (if you watch suits, THAT ONES FOR YOU!)

Everything was exactly as I had pictured it. Robin filled the box to the top and my kids seriously didn’t want to wait to get into any of it!



exchange4Now while I love being Canadian and wouldn’t ever change that, I do think it is SERIOUSLY wrong that Canada does not have Cookie Crisp. WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU General Mills???

exchange5And Sno Caps. Don’t even get me started, I could eat those forever and a day. They are AMAZING. Well, so is everything in this photo – but my kids and husband, well let’s just say Robin is their favorite person right now.

exchange6I had SO much fun with this exchange. Robin was amazing even included a beautiful gift of earrings in my package. I got to try so many different things I hadn’t tried before, and now make me wish I had a monthly mule to go into the States for me to bring ALL of this back over. Devil Dogs and Yodels have changed my life. Cape Cod chips? Is there anything better? And Flaming Cheetos – my 11 year old ate both bags by himself, and let’s just say – hes hooked. Those things were HOT and I could barely finish the two I stole!

Huge thank you to Robin and her family. If you’d like to see what goodies I sent over to her please click here to head on over to see her post!

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