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And Then There Were TWO!

And Then There Were TWO: Taking my two oldest out of school to homeschool because of TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATION! » People often think kids are the major bullies in school, this isn't always the case. -
I’ve written this post over and over again since Thursday night but the anger that swam over me as I typed and came through was not something I wanted portrayed on Six Time Mommy. I am a big mama bear and when it comes to my kids health, safety and well being I tend to go over the top, and I just didn’t want that here.

So today instead of sharing the full situation and angering myself all over again I’ll focus on the greatness that will come.

Today, marks day 1 of homeschooling two of my children.

Jordan isn’t quite sold on the idea. He keeps changing his mind from school to homeschool so we are taking the next few days to focus on some studies at home to see what he wants to do.

Monday I had ordered these 6 books from Chapters at 1130a and by 650pm that very night they were delivered to my door (talk about service!)

booksI’m excited for all these books I’ve gotten for both kids. For Kyla I had been printing and spending hours on end each night finding proper curriculum pieces to print, the cost of our ink was $60+ just to fill and it goes super fast. Our printer? Doesn’t ever want to work. So I ordered these books and with same night delivery they came to $88. Can’t beat that.

The books have everything I need to teach them, however Jordan will need a French book here soon. I also plan on extras and fun activities out of the books too.

You may be surprised if you know Jordan that it’s come to this, believe me it’s the last thing I wanted for him. But with all going on, I couldn’t as a mother send him to continue on how things were going.

So here we are! I’m going to focus the next few days on making learning fun again. Something I wish more teachers would do – I take homeschooling very seriously, and it shows with how well Kyla is really doing. Her self esteem has climbed leaps and bounds and she smiles so often, it makes my eyes light up just seeing her enjoy being her again.

My hope now is that my other two will be fine at school as my youngest has been having a bit of anxiety going to school some days, it’s a big struggle to get him to even get ready, but when he does its fine. Ava hasn’t shown any signs of issues so I really hope that continues. Neither one wants to be removed, yet. Both Jordan and Kyla have a bit of a unique situation (both very different) but also, not situations I am sweeping under the rug so I’ll be keeping a close eye, as well as files of everything that has gone on and that does, if anything else occurs.

My excitement to begin this journey with both kids is a bit embarrassing. I truly enjoy teaching them, getting to see where they are at in their studies, and encouraging them along the way. Here’s to hoping its a great day!

» Keep an eye for some homeschooling printables I have been working on. It’s been fun to put my ideas to a good cause such as homeschooling! I think other mom’s will enjoy even just for extra fun at home!