Antiviral Herbs for Your Health


Herbs have been used since ancient times to keep human beings healthy. With the cold and flu season comes the need to have some natural antiviral herbs for health. During this time of the year, we’re also facing a pandemic that’s spreading throughout the entire world. This means we all need a few tips to stay as healthy as possible. Today I’m featuring a list of the best antiviral herbs for your health.

Antiviral Herbs for Your Health

This antiviral herb is part of the mint family and has been proven to help with herpes, norovirus, and other illnesses that impact health. See the study completed using oregano oil for norovirus here.

This herb has been used for many centuries due to its antiviral properties. Not only can this antiviral herb help humans, but it’s been helpful for animals infected by HSV-1 and Indiana vesiculovirus. See the document here.

This licorice-flavored antiviral herb is an excellent choice for your health. Fennel has also been shown to boost your immune system, something we need to focus on during high sickness seasons.

This antiviral herb has many healing properties and is often used as an antiviral herb. Applying garlic topically can even help with other viral illnesses, it’s an excellent option that you can sneak into many of your favorite recipes, which is why garlic is my favorite antiviral herb.

You’ve probably heard about peppermint essential oil being added into tea, and made into tinctures for healing during cold and flu season. Peppermint can help clear congestion all the while work as an antiviral herb for your body during sickness season.

The fabulous fact about this antiviral herb is that it’s a flower and humans can consume the entire plant for health benefits. Most often you’ll see Echinacea as an ingredient in naturally organic herbal teas for its use in helping with viral infections.

These are just some of the antiviral herbs for your health that you should consider adding into your daily diet as a means to stay healthy right now. You can find a lot of these antiviral herbs in supplements and other healthy immune-boosting, antiviral medications available over the counter. I hope that you’ll use this list to start focusing on your health all year round.
Harnessing the power of herbal medicine is not new. Ancient healing approaches like the Indian-origin Ayurveda understood the various aspects of how human beings function and the methods to heal the body primarily through the use of plant medicine. Along with this, Ayurveda is a system that promotes cultivating a healthier lifestyle overall so as to avoid diseases and keep the body in an optimal state. If you wish to understand this holistic science in more depth, pursuing an ayurveda certificate course could be something that interests you. Not only is it likely to give you the power of herbal medicine to heal yourself, but it could also introduce different practices to your lifestyle that promote overall well-being.

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