At Home Meal Schedule for Kids – Perfect For Self-Isolating/Social Distancing


Today marks 8 days that the kids and I haven’t left our house. We’ve gone on our front step and in the backyard but other than that we’ve been self-isolated in our home. People keep asking how it’s going. Well, with 2 adults and 8 children locked up in a house how do you think it’s going? Actually, all kidding aside it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. The one thing I’ve learned though? Kids will eat you out of house and home even when they aren’t hungry. They eat when they’re bored, they eat when they’re stressed, and they eat just to eat! It’s crazy. So, I’ve come up with this At Home Meal Schedule for Kids and am so excited to start implementing it here in our house today!

At Home Meal Schedule for Kids

Being that we’re in self-isolation and my husband will go out for any emergency needs (my prescriptions etc) I don’t want the food we have in the house to deplete any quicker than it needs to so I’ve decided we will be following a schedule. The problem with my kids is they just want to eat for the heck of it. But, what they don’t realize I don’t think is once it’s gone — it may be gone for a while.

Our town is having a severe shortage of so many things, like so many others. We’re able to get snacks, and packaged junk but a lot of fresh fruit and veg as well as meats are selling out quickly, and us being in self-isolation due to my health, I don’t want to keep sending my husband out for things – it puts me at great risk and I just don’t want to chance it.

So, instead of them eating and snacking whenever they want I’ve created this printable to keep us on track, show them what times they can have snacks/meals and once that time passes – you wait until the next time!

At Home Meal Schedule for Kids

This printable is free for you to download below. You can put your own times in and stick it on your fridge or wherever will help your kiddos know when it’s time to eat, and when it’s not. I even added some suggestions – snacks, and meals my kids are enjoying right now in case you need a little extra help planning ahead!

Also, at my house we’ve had to tell them when you take an orange you take one. Not three. When you take a packet of fruit snacks – you take one, not two. It’s hard to be stern about this but its necessary, when it’s gone it will be gone for a while. Eating in moderation when it’s time and not because you’re bored is what has to happen. These rules will be in place once all this is over with too, but for now, it’s something I’m really going to be sticking to and being stern about. Grab your free download below!

At Home Meal Schedule for Kids

Thinking of everyone right now and wishing you all health and stay safe everyone!

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