Avoid Holiday Disasters with Tips from Mr. Rooter

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During the holidays it gets busy and for some stressful. Rushing around making sure you have presents for all those on your list, getting everything ready for those special get-togethers, and making sure you have everything in your home in working order. One thing Canadians don’t realize during the holidays though is that winter can cause so many issues in your home and a lot of the times these disasters occur during the holiday season when most families are planning, celebrating and enjoying. How can we make sure we are doing our part to keep our pipes, and drains in tip-top shape and working order during these busy times?

Create a DIY emergency kit, and be prepared to avoid Holiday Disasters with Mr. Rooter! Mr. Rooter Plumbing is the busiest over the winter months than they are all year-round. Something I know I don’t don’t often think about when life is busy, and we are celebrating are my pipes. Could you imagine having friends and family over for dinner and celebrations and all of a sudden you’re plagued by a holiday disaster of your pipes being clogged and your home is now knee-deep in water? Or worse your kitchen garburator stops working just as the family is about to arrive for the big holiday meal? What do you do? My first instinct would be to call Mr. Rooter, but before you do and to help lessen the stress have a holiday emergency kit prepared so you are ready for simple issues that may arise. Doing so may also help keep your mind at ease and keep your focus on what’s important during the holidays, and that’s your family, not preventable disasters.

The Mr. Rooter DIY Emergency Holiday Toolkit:

To make sure you have what you need on hand build your own perfect emergency holiday toolkit with these items that will help prevent major disasters over the holidays.

  • Plunger: Keep those toilets unclogged
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: Help unclog those drains with these two simple yet highly effective drain uncloggers once combined
  • Sink Strainer: Trap food and avoid having them go down and clog your drains
  • Grease Holder: Use this as a reminder: Oil and Grease should never go near any drains. Use a grease holder to pour in leftover grease (once cooled) and save your pipes!
  • Essential Oils: Keep your toilets looking squeaky clean with Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oils and use them to clean your garburator in the kitchen as well!
  • Flashlight: Under the sink can be dark, keep a small but bright flashlight nearby in case you need to crawl under the sink

Put your DIY Kit to Use:

    1. UNCLOGGING DRAINS: Having a house with 8 kids, and 10 people in total make us no strangers to the clogged drain. This is thanks to people not knowing what the items you should not put in your drain are! Pasta, eggshells, coffee grounds; all recipes for a plumbing disaster! Make up a mixture of 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup of vinegar, once combined it will start to fizz. Pour it immediately down the drain and let sit for an hour or overnight if you can. Flush with hot water! If this doesn’t work, then you may well need to contact a plumber.
    2. PREVENT DRAIN CLOGS: Using a sink strainer is a great way to avoid future clogs in your sinks. Blocked drains can often be caused by an overflowing sewer which will require the assistance of professionals.
    3. UNCLOGGING A TOILET: Do not keep flushing the toilet. Sometimes that isn’t always obvious in a panic when things won’t go down and you have a house full of guests but it will overflow the toilet. So, avoid continuous attempts to flush. Take our plunger, making sure you have a good connection with the plunger and toilet) and plunge with a good amount of force. Make sure to be quick, repetitive and push the blockage through. Makes sure the water is draining before you try to flush the toilet. Never pour harsh chemical drain cleaner down your toilet. Not only can they irritate skin, and eyes but also your pipes. Of course, with all these plumbing problems, you won’t always be able to fix them yourself; sometimes you will have to call a plumber.
    4. CLEAN YOUR GARBURATOR: Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into your garburator, followed by a cup of vinegar, adding slowly (if you have a double sink, plug opposite side) While the mixture is fizzing, boil a pot of water and carefully pour boiling water down the drain. This will help rinse away debris the fizz mixture has then loosened. Now fill the drain with two cups of ice, adding 1 cup of rock or sea salt, and run garburator. Finally, to deodorize add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and lemon essential oil down the garburator while still on. Repeat weekly, or until unwanted smells are eliminated.

There you have it! The perfect DIY emergency kit and how to put it to use! Be prepared this holiday season. You never know when it will come in handy. But, don’t fret if a problem occurs that these simple steps can’t remedy. You can always call the pros at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, for any of your plumbing needs!

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