How I Stay Awesome at Being Awesome!

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When I was a child and all my friends were talking about their life dreams of becoming a veterinarian, a scientist, a lawyer and a doctor there I was sitting down writing names in my diary of little girls and little boys I would have. Yes, that’s right – my dream was to be a mom. I always wanted to have 8 kids, I now have 7 and that is absolutely enough, but back then 8 was the number. I had lists of names of the children I would have. I planned to have them all early so I could be a cool, awesome, young mom that my kids would not only want to spend time with but also look up to and think I was as cool as I thought my mom was before she passed away.

Looking back, my life was so simple and so fun. You couldn’t do anything to take that sparkle from me. You couldn’t break me down, I was a bit full of myself but who isn’t as such a young age? I know now how silly I was, but you know what? I’m still pretty awesome.

I have the big family I always wanted, I stay grounded and I stay on track. I get asked daily when I go out with my kids how do I do it? Are they all yours? I know its something to see for others, and they don’t really understand it but my kids make me who I am, to me they have made me into who I am today.


Recently I started reading the book “Awesome at Being Awesome” and as it says in the book in Chapter 9, “An awesome resume for an awesome job interview” –

“The Secret to getting what you want is knowing what they want”

This quote really resonates with me because I have this outlook on pretty much every single aspect of my life. When it comes to being a mom, when it comes to being a blogger and business woman and when it comes to being myself. Knowing what others want is basically what I focus my everyday life on. When it comes to my kids and blog, if I don’t offer what others want it wouldn’t be a success. My kids would be miserable, and my blog would be a giant flop.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a mom. Nothing and no one was going to stop me, as proven when I got pregnant at 17 years-old. Of course, that may not have been the best or most awesome decision of my life to get pregnant at such a young age, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

As a parent staying awesome can be a challenge. As kids grow their wants and needs change dramatically. Everyday is like a rollercoaster ride and us as parents seem to just be along for the ride. But, it’s our jobs to make sure we stay awesome – we do the best we can!



Here are some of my tips for being an awesome mom:

  • Listen: Listening to what others want, will help not only get what they want but also what you want. The secret to getting kids who listen, help and do whats expected of them is listening. If you listen to what they want, and are an ear for them whenever they may need it – it helps make life, especially as your kids grow into teenagers go a bit smoother.
  • Routine: Stick to a routine. When I get out of my routines or comfort zones it tends to be stressful, messy and can get me extremely flustered. Sticking to my routines keeps me on track and is less stressful than trying to get things done when the routine has been changed or ignored.
  • Don’t Bow Down: Kids can be such a challenge. Especially when they have strong personalities. Stay strong and don’t let them talk you out of anything they don’t agree with!

Are you wondering how to be awesome as a parent? It’s simple. Don’t overthink things too much and go with the flow. Being an adult is stressful enough, you don’t have to let parenting add an extra stress on top of that! Bad days don’t have to be bad days, but they can in fact be good stories – and stories others can relate to, so don’t forget that!

I’d love to say I am a confident parent but sometimes it takes a few people to say how awesome I’m doing, or ask how in the world I do all I do for me to stop and realize just how awesome I really am. You should check out this book and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to be awesome!

Are you awesome? Are you missing a little bit of the awesome you once had and want to regain your awesome? Check out the book, “Awesome at Being Awesome” by Danny Pehar. The book will help you where you need it, and give you insight to where you never knew you needed it! It’s light-hearted and funny, but helpful all in one. I don’t really enjoy self help books myself, so this “self help book, for those who don’t like self help book” really changed a lot for me. It’s funny, and entertaining all while being extremely helpful and giving great advice to help on a lot of areas in life.

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