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Drum Up Learning Fun With Baby Beats Monkey Drum™ From VTech

I’ve always found my kids can be easily entertained. I have also found that with each child the toys become less and less. Like, Hanna gets fussy, and I hand her a pack of wipes or something close by. She loves it and will play with them happily, but then it dawns on me. She needs actual toys. Playing with wipes I guess can be fun listening to the crinkle sound but it can’t be too entertaining, can it?

Thankfully partnering with Vtech the last few weeks has given Hanna some much needed new toys. This week she has been having fun exploring and playing with the Baby Beats Monkey Drum™. It plays little songs and when you hit the buttons the little monkey’s arms start a drumming.

About The Baby Beats Monkey Drum™

Drum up learning fun with the Baby Beats Monkey Drum™ by VTech®. As your little one taps on the drum, the monkey will move and play cool drum effects. The drum pad has two sensors and rewards your baby’s tapping with a variety of drum sounds and tunes. Press the light-up shape buttons to learn about animals, animal sounds, and colors, and hear funny sing-along songs. Two modes of play include a learning mode that encourages your little one to interact with the drum by asking them to find animals or colors or to press the flashing light. The music style focuses on music play with a variety of fun songs and melodies. Play and learn to the beat of your drum!

Age Recommendation: 3+ months
MSRP: $16.99 Canadian
Available at: Amazon, Toys “R” Us and London Drugs

When Hanna isn’t sitting watching her siblings or trying to get in on the action with them, you can put a new toy in front of her, and she will get very excited. She sits and will play happily for a long little while, so I’m able to get things done. Or, not. Sometimes I’ll sit with her and play or just watch her. With the Monkey Beats Drum, she was very focused and seemed to want to make constantly

At eight months old finding toys that aren’t as boring as a pack of wipes is easy, but finding ones she will want to play with more often than not has been a challenge. Thankfully if the toy is bright, plays music or makes any noise she is happy. She enjoys the Baby Beats Monkey Drum™!

Did you ever find yourself buying less and less toys the more kids you have? It’s a bad habit; I’m going to break happily!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However, all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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